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Purple Aesthetic: The Ultimate Guide

Purple aesthetic is so much more than a favorite color. It’s a way of life. Purple represents royalty, luxury, power, and psychic awareness. It’s the first secondary color, only attainable by mixing the primary colors of red and blue. The color blue is supposed to help with relaxation, while red is supposed to help you think logically. So having these two colors blended together is supposed to be very wise. If purple is your favorite color, you’re most likely a very bougie and intelligent person! Here are some ways you can incorporate the purple aesthetic into your everyday life.

Purple Aesthetic

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You can keep lavender flowers in a small container at home. Credit: Canva

Keep a Small Lavender Plant or Other Purple Flower

One of the easiest ways to get the purple aesthetic into your home or dorm room is to buy purple flowers. I highly recommend lavender, because they are easy to keep alive in a small planter. Lavender also smells amazing, and it has been known to calm you down, and help get to sleep. 

These smooth amethyst crystals are a great addition to your room decor. Credit: Canva

Buy an Amethyst Crystal 

Whether you are into tarot cards and crystals or not, having an amethyst crystal is still a beautiful decor piece. (Especially if you want the purple aesthetic in your room.) According to Healthline, amethyst crystals are supposed to help keep you calm. It also claims to help balance your hormones, take away headaches, and improve your digestive health. Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or not, it’s still something really pretty to have that brings in the color purple.

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This room is filled with purple furniture in various shades. Credit: Canva

Paint Your Furniture Purple

An easy way to incorporate purple into your home is by painting a piece of furniture. I suggest trying with a small piece first, like a dresser or nightstand. (Don’t go over-the-top with all of your furniture, because it might be too much.) If you’re going to do this, I recommend starting out with a lighter lavender color. As time goes on, the color purple will get darker. You may also want to buy a piece of furniture from the thrift store, in order to save money.

You can use purple aesthetic images as a cellphone wallpaper. Credit: Canva

Get a Purple Aesthetic Wallpaper

Even if you can’t redecorate your dorm or bedroom the way you like, you can still change the wallpaper of your phone and laptop. For ideas on wallpaper, check out our purple aesthetic board on Pinterest. 

Open up your third eye. Credit: Canva

Open Your Third Eye Chakra

Your third eye chakra is supposed to be indigo, which is a purple-blue color. If you are interested in meditation or trying to bring forth some kind of psychic power, I suggest tapping into your third eye. Once you do that, you might feel like you’re attaining answers from the universe. Sure, it’s not literally the color purple in your everyday space. But it’s still bringing the essence of purple to your life.

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This room almost looks like Monica’s apartment from Friends. Credit: Canva

Paint an Accent Wall (Or The Whole Room) Purple

If you’re a fan of the TV show Friends, you’ll be familiar with the purple walls in Monica’s apartment. Even the trim on the walls was purple! As I mentioned in the last post talking about purple paint on furniture, the same advice applies to painting your walls. Remember that whatever color you paint the walls will eventually get darker. Living in a dark bedroom will make it feel smaller, and it can begin to take the opposite effect. Instead of making you feel cheerful, it will be too moody.  I recommend taking one of those paint cards from the store, and go one level down from the darkest color you feel comfortable with. 

If you dye your hair purple, you can have purple aesthetic everywhere to go. Credit: Canva

Dye Your Hair Purple

You only live once. So why not have fun? Pastel lavender colored hair is very in right now. Just keep in mind that in order for this color to work, you will need to bleach your hair first. Purple shampoo is also commonly used for balancing out brassiness in blonde hair. So you actually need to deposit quite a lot of purple into blonde hair in order to get the trendy look. I highly recommend finding a hairdresser to do this professionally, because there is a lot that can go wrong when dying your hair. 

With various shades of purple, you can put together an entire outfit. Credit: Canva

Embrace Purple Aesthetic Fashion

A great way to show off your favorite color is to wear a purple aesthetic wardrobe. The great thing about purple is that it comes in so many different shades. So you should be able to find clothes that fit your existing style.

Purple aesthetic fashion accessories. Credit: Canva

Find Purple Accessories

Nowadays, purple accessories exist in almost anything. There is even a new purple iphone 11! You could have a purple LED neon sign too if you wanted to double with the neon aesthetic. 

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