Why a Past Life Reading Is Not Possible With Tarot Cards

Are you looking for a past life reading through tarot cards? Over the past two years, I’ve had multiple past life regression hypnosis sessions. I have also been reading my own tarot cards, as well as finding others to do readings for me. Heck, I even purchased the Past Life Oracle Cards designed by Dr. Brian Weiss and Doreen Virtue in hopes that maybe I could get more insight into my past lives. All of this eventually led me to the conclusion that past life readings with tarot cards is not a thing that is possible. 

I’m not saying that tarot or past lives are fake. In fact, I’m a strong believer in both. But you just can’t combine the two. Many tarot card readers will claim that they can tap into your past life, but I personally believe that’s a lie. Here is my reasoning.

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Why a Past Life Reading is Not Possible With Tarot Cards

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Tarot is Meant to Be a Reflection of Your Current Energy

There are some people who believe that tarot cards are simply meant to help you to confirm what your subconscious already knows to be true. The premise is that you already know the answers you seek. You just need some sort of confirmation. That’s why a very vague reading can resonate with so many people. 

If you believe that everything in the universe has a vibration, the psychic or tarot card reader can only pick up on your current energy. That’s coming from you in this lifetime. It’s like tuning into a radio station. You can get one frequency clearly at a time. But if you try to go in-between the two stations, you’re going to get a loud, crackling static sound. Asking a tarot reader to find a past life energy for you is like asking someone to tune into a radio station without knowing if it’s AM, FM, or the correct number station. If they keep turning the dial, they will get something. But there’s no guarantee it’s actually what you’re looking for.

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You Are The Only One Who Can Tap Into Your Past Life Memories

If you have never done a past life regression before, you’re forgiven for not understanding that you are the only one who can do it. Even if there is a facilitator there to help guide you, it’s all coming from you. So please don’t ever let someone trick you into believing you need any kind of cards or expensive therapy to achieve enlightenment.

If you’re willing to try past life regression hypnosis I suggest only listening to a guided hypnosis that leaves out any suggestions, like this one by Dr. Brain Weiss. Once you are in a hypnotic state, you are in a very suggestable state, and it’s very easy to make you imagine whatever this person wants you to. 

Many cults will use past life regression as a way to manipulate and control their followers. This is a common tactic in Scientology, and it’s enough to convince people to leave their family and friends in search of answers about their past life.

Even some well-meaning hypnotherapists, like the author of When Souls Awaken, will ask leading questions that lead to incorrect results. In that book, the author asks so many specific questions and suggests geographical locations, the patient believes he was King Richard I of England. When I listened to this audiobook, I nearly wanted to throw my phone on the ground out of frustration. He clearly asked leading questions that brought the patient to the desired result. A tarot card reader would do the exact same thing.

So- can you do your own past life tarot card reading? Not likely. You need to be in a very meditative state in order to tap into those memories. 

The “Avatar State” is a great representation of tapping into your past knowledge. Credit: Avatar the Last Airbender

You Are An Amalgamation of All of Your Past Lives

I have read multiple books on past life experiences. Some people deep-dive so often, they claim to be aware of 85 to 100 past lives.  Doing a tarot reading on a past life is making the incorrect assumption that you only have one past life. It’s also making the assumption that you can go back to a life directly “before” this one. Here’s the thing- time is a construct. Our conception of time and how the universe works is most likely wrong. When you start to learn more about physics, it’s kind of mind-blowing. So no matter how talented the psychic may be, they would not be able to accurately tap into that past energy.

Personally, I can only vividly remember two of my past lives whenever I go through regression therapy. I realize that it’s likely that I have lived other past lives, too. But it’s just that these are the lives I’m meant to remember right now, because it’s the most relevant to the lessons I need to learn in my current lifetime. 

While I am still me, in this current avatar, I am also still the amalgamation of all of the people I have been before. And when I feel moments of claircognizance, it is likely knowledge that I have attained from a past life. So by reading my current energy, it’s actually reading my past energy at the same time, because we are all one in the same person.

Pick a card readings are fun, but they are never accurate about past lives. Credit: Canva

Every Past Life Pick-A-Card Reading is Overly Vague

I have tried to do a YouTube pick-a-card reading about past lives before, and it was very cringey. Here is what the reading claimed:

I was a woman who was cared for by men, almost like a princess. And I was very important, and kept away from society to protect my virtue. I wanted to be free from the constraints of society, and free to go after my own dream.

Let’s unpack this for a second. By saying I was “like a princess”, this is an easy grab for anyone whose ego wants them to believe they were someone important in a past life. But it’s also vague enough to be true for almost any woman throughout history. And most people have a dream, but they may not be able to go after it for any number of reasons. So it’s vague enough to where a lot of people who picked that pile might resonate with that.

Here’s the most important question: Does this tarot card reading help me in any way? No. So what’s the point? Remember that the point in finding out information on your past life is to help you in some way. It would be impossible for a pick-a-card-reading to know that.

In Conclusion…

If you’re curious to know more about your past life, I recommend that you try doing a free past life regression hypnosis on YouTube. Don’t trust the information you find from a random tarot card reading. When you finally have a real past life regression, there is no denying that there is something going on, here. I’m going to leave this video here. I highly recommend you turn on an ad blocker, so you can listen to this undisturbed for the entire hypnosis.

Some psychologists believe that this could just be a way for your subconscious to create a metaphor to help you deal with a current issue. No matter what it is, it’s meant to help you grow as a person.

Over the past year in lockdown, I have periodically done these hypnosis sessions to piece together memories from my previous lifetime. This has given me a lot of epiphanies about my current life, as well as the relationships with the people. It also gives me more information about my past karma, and the tasks I’m meant to take in this life. So I highly recommend sticking to tarot cards readings about this lifetime. Not the past.

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