Harry Potter Aesthetic: The Ultimate Gift Guide

The Harry Potter Aesthetic is the vibe of feeling like you’re a student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Whether you’re trying to decorate your dorm room, bedroom, or an entire apartment, this list has some great ideas for giving a gift to a Harry Potter fan. Here at InspiringHome, we also have lists for each of the Hogwarts houses. So check out some of the links below to find your favorite house.

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Harry Potter Aesthetic

This beautiful set of books is perfect for the Harry Potter aesthetic. Credit: Juniper Books

10. House Mashup Books

This colorful set of hardcover Harry Potter books is amazing, and it features the colors of all four Hogwarts houses. If you are only a fan of one house in particular, you have the option to buy the books individually, too. It’s a shame that there is only one Slytherin book, though.

This Harry Potter scented candle comes with a free ring. Credit: Charmed Aroma

9. Cauldron Ring Candle

A lot of people give their friends a scented candle as a gift, because who doesn’t love candles? But this one is so over-the-top Harry Potter that you can’t deny how cute it is. Once the candle has been burned down, you’ll discover that there is a ring in there. The container can also be re-used as a mug, or a great place to keep pens or makeup brushes.

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A collectible set of quidditch balls. Credit: Running Press

8. Quidditch Collectible Set

You may not be able to play a real game of quidditch with this, but it’s an amazing collectible piece to have on display. This is perfect if you’re trying to pretend your dorm is the Hufflepuff Common Room, or make your bedroom feel more magical in some way.

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The famous Time Turner necklace. Credit: Facilla

7. The Time Turner Necklace

Anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or The Cursed Child knows the importance of The Time Turner. This necklace is great for anyone who is brave enough to wear this around. But it’s also great for cosplay. It can also look great among other Harry Potter aesthetic collectibles in your bedroom.

An old fashioned stamp for owl letters. Credit: Vsceuon Store

6. Hogwarts Wax Stamp

In the Harry Potter movies, we see how the students send and receive letters and packages through the magical Owl Post Service. A friend of mine used this stamp for his Harry Potter themed wedding invitations, and it was so adorable. This could also be great if you or your kids are going away to college or summer camp, and you want to send them mail with this stamp.

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Paint by numbers Harry Potter kit. Credit: Homeey

5. Hogwarts Paint by Numbers

Over the past year (going on two) we have had to spend a lot more time at home. Whether it’s a long winter blizzard, or you simply want to stay indoors for a while, I recommend learning how to paint. And these Harry Potter themed paint-by-numbers are a great place for a fan to start.

What could be more Harry Potter aesthetic than this quill and stamp set? Credit: CunMei

4. Quill Pen and Wax Seal Set

Earlier on this list, we included a cute wax stamp for the Hogwarts Owl Post. But if you want to go one extra step to create old school wax seals, this is the gift set for you. It includes the wax colors of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor. (Why not Slytherin? What gives??) But it also has a very cool quill pen.

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Have your very own Mirror of Erised. Credit: Harry Potter and Warner Brothers

3. The Mirror of Erised

Out of everything on this list, this miniature version of the Mirror of Erised is my favorite. Pottery Barn came out with a more realistic looking floor length mirror, but it costs $500. That’s out of most people’s budgets, especially if you’re currently in school working a part-time job. The one I have linked here is only $60. Obviously, it’s going to be a lot smaller. But this could be a great mirror to hang on your wall so you can check your hair and makeup before you leave for work or school in the morning.

You can cook in the Harry Potter aesthetic too. Credit: Fxin Store

2. Harry Potter Themed Wooden Spoons

If you live in an apartment or house, and you’re able to cook meals on your own, these wooden spoons would be a great thing to own. These might also make a great housewarming gift to give someone you know is a Harry Potter fan.

A crystal ball makes a really witchy gift. Credit: Amlong

1. Crystal Ball

If you want your home to feel more magical, I recommend this crystal ball. While it’s not an official Harry Potter product, it reminds me of Professor Trelawney, the seer who teaches divination at Hogwarts.

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