Hearth and Hand Magnolia Summer 2021

Hearth and Hand Magnolia by Joanna Gaines is back at Target with brand new items for the summer of 2021. The main focus on this collection is all about having fun in your own backyard. Check out the Target website to see the full list of items available in the summer collection. As time goes on, they will release more of the items in this collection at local stores.

Keep in mind that not every Target location is going to have the same items. These photos were taken at two different Target locations here in New Jersey. It may not look the same at your location.

Hearth and Hand Magnolia

The front page of the Hearth and Hand Magnolia section of the Target website. Credit: Target

I visited my local Target, which doesn’t have as much of a selection as a town that was a bit further away. Honestly, I was disappointed that I didn’t find some of the adorable items I had seen online like the record player or lemonade stand. But when I went to a different location, they had almost everything from the website!

If you’re looking for something specific, I highly recommend going to your bigger/fancier Targets!

My more high-end Target has a full house shaped display. Credit: Inspiring Home
The front display of Hearth and Hand at a smaller Target store. Credit: Inspiring Home


Joanna Gaines has always made amazing kitchen items. It’s really no surprise that she’s an author of two cookbooks and has the brand new TV series Magnolia Table. As always, she has some amazing pieces available. A lot of these were left over from winter and spring, but they work well in any season.

Pantry signs, clean and dirty, plus dishes galore. Credit: Inspiring Home
The Hearth and Hand collaboration with Crockpot. Credit: Inspiring Home

Did you know Joanna Gaines had a collaboration with Crockpot? I didn’t either! But it shouldn’t surprise me, since she had a collaboration with Kitchenaid for the Christmas of 2020. At first, I thought this would be their only appliance left. But to my surprise, I went to the bigger Target location, and eureka! I found more of the forest green mixers! I’m assuming they went back in stock just before Mother’s Day. Now I need to grab one before they sell out again.

The back display for the Magnolia products. Credit: Inspiring Home
Beautiful wooden cake stands, mugs, and the Magnolia Journal. Credit: Inspring Home
I absolutely love these wooden bowls, cutting boards, and cake plate. Credit: Inspiring Home


In the outdoor section, I finally saw some of those summer items showing up in my local store. We see the cute creamy white watering can, faux plans, and candles. There were also some great wooden tables.

Gardening and candles. Credit: Inspiring Home
Flags from the summer collection. Credit: inspiring Home
The cup holder and food stand for outdoor picnics. Credit: Inspiring Home
Pillows galore. Credit: Inspiring Home
Indoor/Outdoor cushions and faux plants. Credit: Inspiring Home
This is the only turntable I found, so hurry to your local store to get yours. Credit: Inspiring Home


Even though you wouldn’t really associate Joanna Gaines with bathroom merchandise, the Hearth and Hand Magnolia line of bathroom products is actually amazing. These boho shower curtains rival the likes of Anthropologie, for a fraction of the price. I’ve seen several interior designers online sneak these shower curtains into their home.

Beautiful boho shower curtains. Credit: Inspiring Home
Chic wooden bathroom accessories. Credit: Inspring Home

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