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Spring Into The New Magnolia Network TV Series “Growing Floret”

If you love flowers in the spring and summer, get excited! The Magnolia Network has announced that they will have a new series called Growing Floret, which stars a married couple named Erin and Chris Benzakian. They left their big city life in Seattle in order to start a 20-acre flower farm in the Skagit River Valley in Washington State. The TV series will show the daily lives of these flower farmers, and it’s sure to be educational for those of us who love flower gardening.

Erin Benzakian proudly standing with her book A Year in Flowers. Credit: Floret Flowers

1. Erin Benzakian Has Published 3 Books About Growing Flowers

Aside from being an accomplished flower farmer, Erin Benzakian is also a writer. She’s the author of Discovering Dahlias, A Year in Flowers and Cut Flower Garden. All 3 of them are amazing coffee table books. I purchased A Year in Flowers as a gift for my mom, and she absolutely loved it. This is great for beginners who want to get into gardening, but they’re not sure where to start. It’s also gorgeous to leave out for guests to browse through.

On Growing Floret, you get to see the process of running a flower farm. Credit: Floret Flowers

2. You Can Buy Seeds To Make Your Own Gorgeous Bouquets From Growing Floret’s Website

Most people would assume that a flower farm would sell flowers, right? In reality, they actually use these plants to create flower seeds, so they can sell these flowers around the world. This is actually great news if you become a fan of the show, because it means that everything you see on the TV series, blog, or books can be made in your own backyard. Check out the Floret Shop to buy their packets of seeds.

Customers can buy flower seeds to grow these babies in your own home. Credit: Floret Flowers

3. Erin Runs a Blog Call Floret Flowers

For the past few years, Erin has been writing an amazing blog on the Floret website. It’s filled with inspirational photographs, DIY’s, and so much more. Her blog is what made her one of the most well-known flower farmers in the country. If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to read her blog before the TV show comes out!

4. Floret Has Their Own YouTube Channel

Before they got their deal with The Magnolia Network, Floret started their own YouTube channel called The Floret Flower Farm. Sadly, they only made one video. But it’s beautiful, and still worth a watch. I really hope that at some point in the future, they will make more videos of their own.

5. The “Growing Floret” Trailer is Gorgeous

Last but not least is the Growing Floret trailer from the Magnolia Network. This will give you a sneak preview of what’s to come for the show.

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