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YouTube Videos and Channels to Give You Cottagecore Vibes

If you love the cottagecore aesthetic, you might be looking for more inspiration on how you can incorporate it into your home. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best YouTube videos and channels out there that give you a soothing, lovely inside look to living out in the country.

Tasha Tudor

If you have never heard of Tasha Tudor, you’re most likely familiar with her work as the illustrator of childhood classic books like The Secret Garden. Her real life was a picturesque cottagecore paradise. There are several clips of her home on YouTube that were taken from a documentary. These are beautiful to watch, and we wish that Tasha Tudor was still around to make more content of her beautiful life.

Li Ziqi

One of my all-time favorite channels is Li Ziqi. She is a Chinese woman living with her elderly grandmother in the middle of southwestern China. Their property is a huge garden protected by a bamboo wall, and they grow much every vegetable and flower you can imagine. Liziqi does everything completely from scratch, calling back to the olden days before modern technology. She will also go to neighboring farmers to showcase how other crops are made, forage in the forest, and so much more. Each of these videos is set with soothing music in the background.

Many of the videos take months to complete, because she will show the total process of growing a vegetable from seed, all the way to harvest. And once those vegetables are done, she’ll go through roughly 10 recipes on what you can do with those veggies once they’re fully grown. During an interview, she said, “In today’s society, many people feel stressed. They face a lot of pressure in life and work. I want them to relax and experience something nice.” Once you get in the habit of watching Liziqi, you just might feel tempted to live the life of a homesteader.

The Cottage Fairy

A YouTuber who goes by “The Cottage Fairy” left her job in the city to move to a valley in Washington state. She wanted to live the rural cottagecore lifestyle by living in a small home. She also sells her illustrations on Etsy to help make a living. This is a great channel to watch if you’re looking for inspiration on how to slow down, appreciate nature. It also inspires you to go after the things that really matter the most to you in life.

Doing it Oursevles

Michael Petherick lives in his brother Billy and sister-and-law Gwendoline’s castle, the Chateau De La Basmaignee. Before moving to France, Michael was an artist living in England. He moved into the chateau to help his family restore the giant castle and transform it into a wedding business. After appearing on a TV series called Escape to the Chateau DIY, Michael became friends with another co-star, Stephanie Jarvis. She created a channel called The Chateau Diaries, and Michael decided to make a channel of his own. He does stunning camera work around the castle grounds, and always manages to make each episode very cinematic.

Since starting the channel, his popularity has grown. He can now afford to restore the gardener’s cottage on the castle grounds. Michael is trying to renovate the cottage in a 1920’s style. He wants to live like he has gone back in time. So far, it’s beautiful to see how much he has transformed on the property, and it’s exciting to see someone living out the dream that so many of us have.

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