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Wall Tapestry Ideas For Dorm Rooms and Bedrooms

Wall tapestries are a great way to bring a work of art into your bedroom or dorm room. Since these are printed on fabric, it’s also easy to take down and move with you to your next apartment. There is so much more that you can do with tapestries besides using them as wall art! Here are some of the options to choose from on how to decorate with tapestries.

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Use tapestries to create a blanket fort around the bed. Credit: Pinterest

9. A Tapestry Canopy Makes You Feel Like You’re in a Blanket Fort

A star and moon themed tapestry. Credit: HotMir

8. Embrace the Night With Sun and Moon

This tapestry is available on Amazon. Click here to purchase it.

Bunk beds are suddenly a lot more fun. Credit: Royal Furnish

7. Use Wall Tapestries to Create a Fort in the Bottom Bunk

It wold be very cool to have several tarot card tapestries in a row. Credit: Handmade Craft India on Etsy

6. Align Multiple Small Tapestries Next to Each Other

These tarot tapestries are available online. Click here to check out “The Star”.

This fabric tapestry was framed, and gives it a 3D element. Credit: Pure Vibe Art on Etsy

5. Frame the Tapestry to Turn it Into Artwork

This is available on Society 6.

If you live on the top floor of a house, you may want to cover the arched ceiling. Credit: @ellilliamsieā  on Instagram

4. Cover a Slanted Ceiling With a Wall Tapestry in an Attic Bedroom

An extra large tapestry can cover a huge part of the wall. Credit: Urban Outfitters

3. An Extra Large Wall Tapestry is Almost like a Wallpaper

This tapestry is available at Urban Outfitters. Click here.

In a dorm room, a tapestry and lights can cover a wall completely. Credit: Dormify

2. Combine Lights and a Tapestry to Make Things Extra Cozy

Tapestries can double as a fancy seat cover. Credit: Urban Outfitters

1. Use a Wall Tapestry as a Seat Cover

This tapestry is available on Urban Outfitters. Click here.

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