Check Out The New Studio McGee Collection at Target

If you’ve seen the Netflix series called Dream Home Makeover, you may already be familiar with interior designer Shea McGee, who runs her brand called the Studio McGee Collection. In 2021, she has teamed up with Target to bring out a houseware line through their existing brand called Threshold. Just like the style you see on the show, these items are very neutral and coastal. I personally love these items, and I’m tempted to go back and buy a few for my home.

Please keep in mind that these items were available at my local Target store in New Jersey. The exact items at your local store may not be in stock at the time that you go shopping, but you can always shop the collection on the Target website.

Baskets and Storage Bins

These neutral colored storage baskets and bins are great for organizing your home. Since most of these were made of natural materials, they should blend in well with your pre-existing decor.

Throw Pillows and Plants

Looking through the collection, I noticed that there were a lot of throw pillows and fake plants. These are basics that almost everyone should have in their home if they want it to be more stylish.

Check out these beautiful faux plants.Credit: Shannon Quinn

Carrying Baskets, and Ottomans

Ottomans are great if you want to put your feet up, or have an extra place for storage. These poufs are all in neutral colors, which makes them easy to blend into your existing furniture.

These ottomans and baskets are useful if you have a family at home. Credit: Shannon Quinn

The Studio McGee Collection Features Leather Furniture, Throw Pillows, and More

If you would buy anything in the collection, I recommend the furniture. That’s because it’s some of the best wooden coastal furniture I’ve ever seen at Target. While some pieces are pricey, they’re worth it. If you were to try to buy furniture like this from an upscale boutique in a beach town, it would cost much more.

The Studio McGee collection has some beautiful furniture and accessories. Credit: Shannon Quinn
This fold-out leather seat is great for a suitcase in your guest room. Credit: Shannon Quinn
The Studio McGee collection has some stunning pieces of artwork. Credit: Shannon Quinn

One of my favorite aspects of the collection is the pieces of art. This is perfect if you have a beach house, or you just want to decorate for the summer.

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