Spotted: New Spring 2021 Items at the Target Dollar Spot

Everyone’s favorite spot in Target is The Dollar Spot, because you can buy items for under $5. We’re nearing Valentines Day, but the spring items are already popping up at my local store in New Jersey. (Please keep in mind that the items may be different in your location.)

Spring Has Sprung

Target has focused a lot on plants this year. They have grow kits for real roses, strawberries, herbs, and lavender. Plus there are plenty of fake potted plants to choose from, as well as house plant supplies. Their other products tended to be focused on sustainability, organization, and crafting at home.

One of my favorite finds were the kits of macrame wall hangers, complete with these little potted plants and small containers.

Beautiful faux flowers and leaves, as well as adorable organizational items like the metal key holder.

Crafting Supplies and Cute Stuff for Kids

As always, there were plenty of items to choose from in the craft area. I snagged a few bottles of acrylic paint for just $1 each. (Yes, I know Dollar Tree sells acrylic too, but these colors at Target came in grey, gold, and other hues you can’t normally find for so cheap.)

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