Chip and Joanna Gaines Have Listed 3 Magnolia Vacation Rentals Online. Now Open to the Public

Have you ever seen a home on Fixer Upper and wished you could live there? Now, you can. On their website, Chip and Joanna Gaines have listed several properties in Waco, Texas that are available as vacation rentals. If you’re worried about The Rona, don’t worry. They’re taking it very seriously, with cleaning and disinfecting happening in-between every guest. Guests must stay for at least 2 nights, with a maximum of 7. Every guest also gets free cupcakes, gloves, masks, disinfectant, and a discount coupon to use when you visit the Magnolia Silos. While this may be more expensive than your average hotel, it really would give you the Magnolia Network experience.

3. The Carriage House

You may recognize The Carriage House from season 3 of Fixer Upper. It was originally located in Grapevine, Texas, but relocated to a property in Waco. At $545 per night, this might sound like a lot of money, but it’s actually the most affordable place to stay out of your 3 Magnolia options. It sleeps up to 6 people, if you’re willing to share bedrooms. This could be a very cool experience to stay somewhere from one of your favorite TV series, and see first-hand how Joanna transformed someone’s ordinary home into something extraordinary.

2. The Hillcrest Estate

The Hillcrest Estate is one of the largest options. This home was already huge and luxurious, but with Joanna’s touch, it became a Magnolia masterpiece. With 5 bedrooms, you have plenty of room to bring your entire family. They say that it sleeps up to 12 people, so you could potentially split the cost with a group of friends. At $950 to $1,145 per night, this is the most expensive option out of the 3 Book now on AirBnB.

1. Magnolia House

Last but not least is Magnolia House. You might remember seeing this on an episode of Fixer Upper, where Joanna showcased the makeover of the Bed and Breakfast. They paid $190,000 for the house that was originally built in the 1880’s, and gave it an amazing makeover. Joanna says that she wants it to feel like you’re staying in the Gaines family farmhouse. You can expect to pay an average of $795 per night.

What do you think? Would you stay at one of these three homes in Waco?

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