Check Out Joanna Gaines’ 2021 Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Collection at Target

Target stores have begun stocking the new 2021 spring collection for Joanna Gaines houseware brand Hearth & Hand. This is perfect timing, considering that Joanna Gaines just released her new kitchen collection as well as the release of her new cooking show Magnolia Table. We went ahead and visited out local Target here in New Jersey to take some photographs of the store shelves. Then, I went home to browse the Hearth & Hand collection on the Target website so that I can highlight some of my favorite pieces.

We’ve split up this overview into 5 sections: Pottery and kitchen items, fragrances, bedding, bathroom, and accessories/entertainment. Scroll through the article to find the section that you’re most interested in. Whenever possible, I’ll try to include product images from the Target website. If there is a significantly cheaper “dupe” I can find on Amazon, I’ve gone ahead and left those links as well.

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5. Pottery and Kitchen Items

One of the things that Joanna designs really well is kitchen items. Just like always, these pieces are gender neutral, with a color palette of gray, blue, white, and black. and have a handmade pottery flare. My absolute favorite

My absolute favorite thing was the pottery. It looks like handmade stoneware. I might go back for the black bowls and plates in particular, because the style reminds me so much of the minimalist Japandi vibe.

A more budget-friendly option of the black pottery you can find online is the black pottery is this Stone Lain Coup Dinnerware Set, which comes with 4 complete sets for $60. Click here to check it out.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the kitchen section featured Joanna Gaines’ second cookbook Magnolia Table Volume 2.

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