New Joanna Gaines Kitchen Collection Blends Magnolia With Legacy Brands We Know and Love

Joanna Gaines’ houseware company, Magnolia, has come out with a new kitchen collection just in time for Christmas of 2020. This collection has a mix of new, original Magnolia brand kitchen items, but they have also teamed up with some of the most highly respected legacy cookware brands to collaborate on limited edition pieces. In her new promotional video, she says, “This kitchen collection stems from my favorite go-to tools that I use in the kitchen.”

Joanna Gaines making cinnamon rolls with some of her new products. Credit: Magnolia

If you’ve seen the new series Magnolia Table (Or bought the cookbook with the same name) then you already know that Joanna Gaines uses some incredibly gorgeous cookware while she’s making her recipes, and most of those items can be purchased online. The new collection features Magnolia muffin tins, wooden spoons, mixing bowls, and so much more. Everything is affordable on any budget. Pieces begin in the $10 range, and work their way up to $50. Everything looks very classic, and made of natural materials. These are the sort of pieces you buy once, and end up having for 5 to 10 years. If you have never purchased from the Magnolia website before, they offer a 15% discount for first-time customers.

Something that surprised me about the new collection was their collaboration with cast iron pieces made by Le Creuset and Staub. As a longtime fan of cast iron cookware, I really appreciated the fact that Joanna Gaines came out with a $50 dupe for her Hearth and Hand brand at Target. Pieces by Le Creuset range from $250 to $350 each, while Staub is in the $100 to $275 range. In the video, she explains, “These are heirloom pieces. I can see passing these on to my daughters.” As someone who owns these brands, this is very true. I literally use 60 year old Le Creuset frying pan, and it’s still one of the best pieces I own in my kitchen.

The limited edition forest green Kitchenaid mixer. Credit: Target

This year, at Target, Magnolia also teamed up for a limited edition Kitchenaid mixer in forest green. I can’t tell you how long I stared at that mixer before prying myself away from it! Unfortunately, most of the mixers in this color are sold out everywhere, since it was limited edition. However, William Sonoma is still selling a color green that looks identical to this one.

Joanna Gaines is the author of two cookbooks- Magnolia Table and Magnolia Table Volume 2. Both of them feature family recipes, as well as favorite dishes made by her close friends. If you’re looking to find a Christmas gift for a family member, consider buying them one of these new kitchen items along with a cookbook.

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