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15 Ways to Bring Maximalism to Your Home

Some of you may be wondering- What is Maximalism? A few years ago, we saw a huge push for people to go for a minimalist lifestyle. It encouraged people to be happier with fewer things, and focus more on enjoying a lifestyle, rather than material possessions. As you can imagine, maximalism is the exact opposite. This is the celebration of having a home that’s bright, busy, and full of the collections that make you happy. Obviously, maximalism is nothing new. It has been around for a very long time, reaching way back into the depths of our childhood memories. We all know at least one family member whose home was magically filled with lots of things, while simultaneously being a bit over the top. Here at Inspiring Home, we’re bringing you some of the ways to bring maximalism to your home.

Maximalism is all about blending different design styles. Credit: Shutterstock

15. Blending Multiple Design Styles

The great thing about maximalism is that if you like more than one interior design style, you don’t have to choose! Blend two or three styles together to your heart’s content. Most of the time, you’ll see people who have a bohemian vibe mixed with an eclectic personality. Or, they’ll revert back to some of the classic European styles mixed with modern day pop art. 

The idea of maximalism is to bring together everything you love without feeling restrained by staying within the lines of the rules of one style. Or, you could completely throw out the rules of what people say should or should not be in a certain category. What’s more important is that you love your space, and that you’re having fun.

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