The Top 10 YouTube Channels For Gardening Inspiration

In 2020, tons of people started gardening for the very first time (myself included!) Gardening is incredibly healthy for both your mind and body. Throughout this summer, I spent a lot of time scouring YouTube for some of the best gardening channels out there. There are far more than 10 that I’ve seen who do an amazing job, but I’ve picked a variety of different fields in gardening so that you can see different perspectives on gardening from around the world.

Laura holding a massive cabbage she grew in her garden. Credit: Garden Answer

10. Garden Answer

One of my favorite gardening channels on YouTube by far is Garden Answer. Laura grew up working at her parent’s garden center in Oregon, so she is a total expert when it comes to plants. For her, gardening isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. In some of the older episodes, Laura gets invited to events and to tour other gardens around the country. She also shows you a mature garden at her parent’s house, as well as the garden in her first house. During lockdown, she really dedicated a ton of time to improving the garden of the new house she bought a few years ago. Her house is an 1800’s farmhouse that already had an established garden, but she and her husband Aaron have taken it to the next level.

Transform your backyard with the Epic Gardening channel. Credit: Epic Gardening

9. Epic Gardening

At the time this article was written, Epic Gardening is almost at the 1 million subscriber mark. He shows how to create a successful vegetable garden, but he also goes one step further by showing various types of landscaping and backyard projects. In the summer of 2020, he also went on an “apocalypse challenge” where he went for 30 days surviving on the vegetables he grew on his property, as well as fishing and foraging.

Trying to grow organic vegetables? Check out this channel. Credit: James Prigioni

8. James Prigioni

With over a half million subscribers, James Prigioni is another one of the most popular gardening channels on YouTube. His goal is to never use any chemicals in his garden, and produce everything naturally without pesticides, herbicides, or growth hormones. Basically, if you watch his channel, you can learn how to make your own organic vegetables in your backyard. He covers so many of the most popular vegetables people typically grow at home, and goes over the pro’s and con’s of each one.

Stephanie Jarvis entering her walled garden. Credit: The Chateau Diaries

7. The Chateau Diaries

Technically, The Chateau Diaries isn’t strictly a gardening channel. It’s all about Stephanie Jarvis, a British woman who purchased a castle in France. She lives in The Cheateau de la Lande with her family, friends, and volunteers from all over the world. In the spring and summer of 2020, Stephanie and her mother Isabelle spent a significant amount of time during lockdown on improving their walled garden by installing vegetable beds, a cut flower garden, and more. They also completely made over the ancient greenhouse, and began constructing chicken coops. When things got more serious, they hired a gardener named Dan, and received lots of help from their employee, Selmar. As an added bonus, they now have Marie, a professional florist, living at the castle! There are also a few episodes where they visit famous gardens around France and England. I get endlessly inspired to start gardening when I see what’s going on at Chateau de la Lande.

Marie is a professional florist who shares her tips and tricks on her YouTube channel. Credit: Marie Wiik

6. Marie Wiik

In the last entry, we mentioned how The Chateau de la Lande now has a full-time florist. That’s Marie Wiik, and she finally decided to make her own YouTube channel! If you prefer growing cut flowers over vegetables, watching Marie will help you learn a lot of information about how to make professional flower arrangements. She doesn’t actually grow these flowers herself, because she orders wholesale from local flower farms. So keep in mind that this technically isn’t a gardening channel, but it’s more of an inspiration of what you can do with the flowers you’ve already planted.

Mark works hard to maintain his backyard garden. Credit: Self Sufficient Me.

5. Self Sufficient Me

If your goal is to create a homestead where you can live off the land, watch Self-Sufficient Me. Mark Valencia really gets into detail about how to grow vegetables efficiently in your backyard. He also raises chickens and quail, so he goes into the ins and outs of raising animals on your own little farm. Mark never claims to be fully self-sufficient. But in the summer of 2020, he decided to go 21 days only eating food he grew in his own backyard. They still use condiments like salt, pepper, vinegar and oil to cook their food. This is a great series to watch if you’re wondering if it’s actually possible to be totally self-sufficient without going to the grocery store.

Angelina is feeding the ducks in the moat of her castle. Credit: The Chateau Life

4. The Chateau Life

A married couple named Philip and Angelina moved away from their home in London to buy The Chateau Du Bailleul in rural France. Their goal is to fix up the old castle in order to run a business holding outdoor events. While the channel is full of both indoor and outdoor DIY projects, they tend to do a lot of gardening in preparation for future events. If you’re used to watching channels about American gardening, this is going to give you a whole new perspective of what people do over in Europe. They also a have a moat surrounding the castle, so you get to see some of the care that goes into taking care of the fish and ducks that inhabit their land. If you want to see more, check out our full list of the Best YouTube Channels About Expat Life in France.

Shaq’s amazing front yard transformation with water features and a koi pond. Credit: The Pond Guy

3 & 2. The Pond Guy and Team Aquascape

I put these next two channels in the same category, because they often work together, and their video subjects tend to overlap. If you’re planning to install a koi pond in your garden, the best place for you to watch is The Pond Guy. On Team Aquascape, he explains how to install the perfect water features in your garden. These are great channels if you’re considering doing a DIY water feature. Personally, after watching these two, I realize that I’m better off hiring the professionals to get it done. But it still gives me a lot of ideas on what I could possibly do on my own property.

Li cutting roses on the edge of her walled garden. Credit: Li Ziqi

1. Li Ziqi

One of my all-time favorite channels is Li Ziqi. She is a Chinese woman living with her elderly grandmother in the middle of southwestern China. Their property is a huge garden protected by a bamboo wall, and they grow much every vegetable and flower you can imagine. Liziqi does everything completely from scratch, calling back to the olden days before modern technology. She will also go to neighboring farmers to showcase how other crops are made, forage in the forest, and so much more. Each of these videos is set with soothing music in the background. Many of the videos take months to complete, because she will show the total process of growing a vegetable from seed, all the way to harvest. And once those vegetables are done, she’ll go through roughly 10 recipes on what you can do with those veggies once they’re fully grown. During an interview, she said, “In today’s society, many people feel stressed. They face a lot of pressure in life and work. I want them to relax and experience something nice.” Once you get in the habit of watching Liziqi, you just might feel tempted to live the life of a homesteader.

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