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What is Dark Academia?

If you’ve been on TikTok or Instagram fashion pages lately, you may have noticed a trend called “Dark Academica”. Attractive young people seem to be dressing like they’re a professor from the 1920’s, (or their grandpa) all while wearing glasses that may or may not be fake. So- What is it, exactly? And if you’re a fan, how can you incorporate Dark Academia into your home decor?

What is Dark Academia?

Dark Academia is an aesthetic and subculture celebrating the nostalgia of 20th century academics. Think about the clothing and sets building the aesthetic we’ve all seen on screen from films and TV shows like Dead Poets Society, Tolkein, and His Dark Materials. Basically, it’s a nerd’s dream world where studying all day is fully celebrated. This aesthetic is especially appealing for young aspiring poets and writers.

Dark Academia inspiration comes from Oxford University and Ivy League Universities in the United States. There is also an emphasis on prep school life, like what we see in books and movies like Harry Potter. So- What makes it so “dark”? You could combine this aesthetic with a murder mystery, like the 2019 movie Knives Out. Most of the time, the movies that we see are based around smart young people going through a sort of existential crisis. And, let’s face it- philosophy and other intellectual subjects aren’t always cheerful.

For home decor, think of dark wooden staircases and paneling, libraries, skulls, chemistry sets, and more. If you see an apartment like the one in Sherlock and think, “I want that!” then you should probably check out our 10 Ways to Decorate Your Home With The Dark Academia Aesthetic.

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