The Magnolia Silos in Waco, TX Are About to Become an Epic Outdoor Shopping and Eating Experience

If you’re a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, then you probably already know about their location in Waco, Texas called The Silos. This is a huge property that they have transformed into a Magnolia paradise. Currently, there is a wiffle ball field, cafe, outdoor concert space, and store. The location has become so popular, that people from all over the world traveled to Waco just so they could see it in person. In 2021, they also plan to open a boutique hotel for all of their visitors to stay. Now, the Gaines family is ramping up construction to make The Silos even better than before. Check out their YouTube video to see the full tour of the grounds. Here’s just a taste of what’s coming next.

Credit: Magnolia on YouTube

They’ve Created a Tiny Town Square

These tiny houses are going to be the homes of various products in the Magnolia line. There will be pavers laid as a sidewalk instead of roads. Grass turf and landscaping will be planted in the center.

This rendering shows what it will look like when the project is complete. Credit: David Nisbet, AIA with CP&Y Architecture

In the era of Covid, this is actually a much better way to manage crowd control. With plenty of outdoor space and lots of options to choose from, there is no need for people to crowd inside of a single store.

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