20 Tips For Helping Kids Learn at Home

In the fall of 2020, everyone who is going into their first home-bound “Back to School” experience may feel a bit overwhelmed by long months ahead. Homeschooling isn’t easy, especially for working parents. Even with a few months of experience behind us, there is still a lot to adjust to the “new normal”. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make your homeschooling experience more manageable. 

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The more fun your kids have learning, they better they can retain the information.

20. Make Learning Fun

For some parents, this point might seem obvious. But it can never be overstated that learning needs to be fun. While teaching kids from home, they are probably thinking more about their video games in the next room than the lesson in front of them. With so many distractions, it’s absolutely necessary to grab their attention by making learning fun. Information that children learn when they’re having fun is bound to stick in their minds more so than others. If you’re not sure how to make a lesson more fun, do a quick search on Facebook groups and Pinterest.

Having personal space is crucial to concentrating on work.

19. Give Your Child a Space of Their Own

When your child goes to school, they have their own desk, locker, or cubby to store their belongings. Even in High School and college, most kids tend to gravitate to the desk they have claimed as their own. Having this consistent, reliable work space is crucial for getting comfortable and concentrating on school. Depending on your living situation, it might not be possible to give your children an entire room as a homeschooling space. However, the internet is filled with images of parents sharing their creative solutions to giving their children a place of their own to work. For example, many parents have purchased desks and set them up in their child’s bedroom.  Others have transformed their living room into a co-working office space where the desks are arranged in every corner.

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