Is it Safe to do Van Life During the Pandemic?

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For the past few years, van life has become one of the trendiest ways for young people to explore an alternative lifestyle. Instead of paying rent and utilities every month, van lifers can take their home on the road. However, in 2020, we’re experiencing a complete shift in reality. Traveling is no longer as safe as it once was. Gyms closed, which cut off many van lifer’s access to running water. Many people were even forced to abandon their vans in foreign countries before the borders closed.  For most people, the thought of attempting van life in 2020 (or even into 2021) would be far too dangerous.

After several months of adjusting to the new normal, some people have chosen to pursue van life again. However, things are not the same as it was before. Many seasoned travelers are making adjustments to be as safe as possible. Here at Inspiring Home, we understand that everyone has a different definition of “home”. If yours it in a van, here are some tips on how to do it as safely as possible.

Double-Check Parking Options

Before the pandemic, there were a lot of apps that helped you find a free place to park your van overnight. However, many of these places are now closed. Even public parks are getting strict about closing access once the sun goes down. So, instead of trusting an outdated website, make sure to call the locations where you are trying to park. This will save you time and gas money. No one wants to drive a hundred miles out of the way just to find out that their parking is closed to the public.

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