Tips For Having The Best Backyard Ever

After lockdown, my family started watching a lot of gardening videos on YouTube, and it motivated us to transform our one-acre backyard into a space we’d be proud of. Years ago, I considered yard work to be one of the worst things ever, and the idea of spending time in your own backyard was boring. But during the past few months, I’ve found a new love and  appreciation for my backyard. Now, I actually love gardening, and I’m going to continue this process long after things get back to normal. Here at Inspiring Home, I’d love to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned during this process.

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You could spend hours enjoying this courtyard. Credit: Burst by Shopify

Consider Your Backyard an Extension of Your Living Space

Before lockdown, I went on a trip to a small village in England. Even though the duplex (or, as they call it, semi-detached house) only had a very small backyard divided with the neighbor, the owner still did her best to make it amazing. The ground was paved with bricks, and there was a table and chairs sitting next to a tiny fountain. She had a very small raised garden bed that was easy for her to maintain, with the main feature being a tree that bloomed gorgeous pink flowers. The garden truly felt like this was part of the house, and not some forgotten space. This completely inspired me to get the same vibe in my own home. 

For most Americans, backyards are just big fields of well-manicured grass. But this gets old pretty quickly. Instead of looking at your backyard as wasted space, try to imagine that it’s an extension of your home. Ask yourself what can be done to make the space more comfortable, inviting, and entertaining for yourself and guests. 

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