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Spotted: Autumn Farmhouse Decor at Dollar Tree 2020

Fall is just around the corner, and many people are already thinking about decorating their home for autumn. One of the cheapest places to accomplish DIY decor is at Dollar Tree. Please keep in mind that these items are what I found at my local location, so it may not reflect what you can find in your area. But the great thing about Dollar Tree is that if you can’t find these items in your local store, everything (and more) is available on their website to be purchased online.

Behold the glorious autumn section.
I have seen wood block signs almost identical to this at craft stores that cost far more than just $1.
Very cute signs. This is perfect to hang almost anywhere in your home.
I love these stakes for a front yard. This is perfect if you live in a condo or apartment, where outdoor decorations are limited. These are small enough to stake in the ground outside your door, or even in a flower pot on the front porch.
So. Many. Pumpkins. My favorites are the flitter and velvet pumpkins.
The sheer amount of options Dollar Tree has in their floral section is incredible.
I was very excited to find these faux cotton stems for sale.
Dollar Tree has everything you need to make a cute fall wreath at home.
More options to add to a cute wreath or flower arrangement.
These scarecrows are so adorable. Again, they’re almost identical to items I’ve seen selling for much more at craft stores.

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