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Spending Easter at Home

When I was a kid, Easter was my favorite holiday. My Great Aunt Ruth threw an annual egg hunt where she invited the entire extended family to her home. She owned a large house that had been built in the 1700’s, sitting on several acres of wooded land. The property even had its own stream and pond, making it the most idyllic place to search for Easter eggs, eat barbecue, and listen to the adults tell stories over glasses of wine. This wasn’t just an egg hunt. It was an annual family reunion- a chance for everyone to come back together amidst our busy lives.

Ruth passed away years ago, and her home was sold by my cousins. It’s been years since I’ve seen many of my relatives, as we all drifted apart. Aunt Ruth must have known that her party was keeping the fabric of the family tightly knit. I always dreamed that one day, I would throw a party just like hers, except that it would be on my parent’s property. Their house is on a nature reserve, and all it needs is a bit of landscaping before it becomes an equally great place to carry on the tradition. But every year, I told myself that it wasn’t the right time, yet.

kaboompics_Colorful eggs

Easter of 2020 is different than any that came before. My brothers and I are all grown up, now. Before the outbreak, we were on the cusp of going our separate ways all over the world. We never expected to be living here together again.

None of us are married, or have kids. And we sure as hell can’t invite anyone over. But I still decided to buy some plastic eggs, a case of Corona, and a few bottles of wine. If we’re stuck inside for Easter, we might as well have fun. And I encourage everyone else to do the same.

What were your Easter traditions when you were a kid? Can you recreate them now, even in the midst of the outbreak? Remember to contact your family, and keep traditions alive, even during these hard times.


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