Thrift Stores Will Throw Out These 10 Household Items

Our society has an abundance of material goods. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them end up in a landfill. Many people believe that by donating to a thrift store, these items are guaranteed to end up being used by someone else who is in need. Keep in mind that the majority of the items given to thrift stores are sorted before the end up on the floor. In the back of the store, there are massive dumpsters, and many of these items mentioned above go directly into the trash.

If you donate somewhere like Goodwill, they got so much stuff, that many overflow items end up going to places like the Goodwill Outlet where they are sold off for a dollar per pound before they are all sent to the dump. So, if you are doing spring cleaning, and you are not sure what to do with your old stuff, these are the 10 items you are better off tossing or bringing to the local recycling center.


10. Anything Broken, Stained, or Full of Holes

If you are trying to donate something to the thrift store because it’s broken, no one else will want it, either. Some people have the good-natured mindset of thinking that someone else may want to put in the effort to fix it, but it’s usually not true. Same goes with clothes. There are so many clothes that are donated on a daily basis, anything with holes or staines gets thrown out immediately.

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