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20 Renovations That Will Actually Decrease The Value Of a House

The wonderful thing about buying a house is that you customize it any way you like. However, you need to take a moment before jumping into renovations! Far too many people spend tens of thousands of dollars on a home renovation believing that it will increase the value of the property, keep in mind that certain changes will not get you any return on your investment. These are 20 renovations that will actually decrease the value of your home, and potentially make it harder to sell.

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 8.00.16 PM
The jigsaw piece tiles may make someone go running. Credit:

20. Unique Flooring Styles

In recent years, people have been thinking outside of the box by making DIY floors with paper bags or pennies covered with resin. They may even want to go a bit wild, like in the photo above where you see tiles that look like jigsaw puzzles. Even if this seems fun and whimsical to you, the odds of a potential buyer in the future being happy with this is going to be slim-to-none. They will most likely see this as something they will need to remove later on, and it will be considered a liability, rather than an asset.

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