$1 Farmhouse Decor Items Spotted At Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is famous for being the only dollar store that actually sells every single item for $1 each. Believe it or not, they actually have a huge selection of Farmhouse items available to purchase in their new fall collection. At our location, they were already putting out the Christmas stuff (It’s only September!) so be sure to check these out before they’re gone.

Please keep in mind that every Dollar Tree location may be different, and your store’s stock could vary from what we found in ours.

If you see something your heart is truly set on buying, you can check out and have whatever you want shipped to your local store. At the end of this list, we add some items we found online, but never spotted in our own store.


Right when you first walk in the store, there was a huge rack of pumpkins, candle votives, and burlap ribbons that were great for making DIY projects.


They had buffalo check oven mitts, pot holders, and tea towels! At our store, they were kept near the barbecue supply section, and not with the rest of the kitchen supplies.


In the kitchen supply section, they had mason jars with handles. These are cheaper than buying the name-brand glasses, and you can fit the traditional jar lids on these. Walmart also sells 10-packs of plastic mason jar lids for just $3, too.


These scarecrows stand on their own, and they are a little over a foot tall. Super cute to incorporate into a large floral arrangement, or just sitting around smiling like a cutie.


These signs are absolutely adorable. The apple is especially great for a farmhouse themed. With the little chalk board attached, you can even write things you are thankful for every day. Luckily, Dollar Tree also sells chalk board markers in the crafting section, so you don’t have to go far to make that happen.


These strings of fall foliage garland came in just about every color. You could stretch it out up to 5 feet, but I would actually want to keep it in a circle. Little wreaths look adorable when wrapped around some thick 2-wick candles. (Just make sure the leaves are nowhere near the flame!)


The selection of faux flowers and foliage that is available at Dollar Tree is truly impressive. You could do so many DIY projects with these.


They had a lot of these decorative wine bottles and carafes. Wouldn’t it be more fun to just drink the wine and keep the bottle? That’s up to you. This is definitely cheaper than any bottle of wine you could find, though.


On one of the end caps, there were two different pickup truck signs, one in red, and one in blue. SO CUTE! There were also metal picks for your plants and garden.


The craft section has a huge selection of supplies for making your own wreaths. If you like DIY, you could easily make your own farmhouse style wreath.


At our store, placemats were located in two areas- One was on an end cap near the plates, and the other was over near the kitchen utensils. These “Blessed” chalk board style place mats were some of the most “Farmhouse” style we could find, but they also came in the rooster pattern that you will see in just a second…


…Ta Da! Rise and shine, rooster lovers! Our store had a lot of these rooster towels in stock.


I love the green oven mitt with the “punny” gardening joke. “Take Your Thyme.” Get it? The rooster mitt said “Farm Fresh”. (Sorry the tag got in the way.)


At first, we had no idea what these were, until we discovered that they were “burner covers”. (We use an electric glass stove top.) This is actually a great idea, especially for those of you who have those coil-style stove tops. These covers would make the top of your oven look super cute.


Here’s another stove top cover style: “Home is where our family gathers”


For some reason, this faux foliage of foxtail, caspia, and Queen Annes’s lace was located all the way on the other end of the store from the rest of their flowers and picks. But at least we found it! Very nice stuff.


There was an end cap of wall decals near the book section of our store. We only spotted one item that looked like it could tie in to farmhouse decor, and that was this one that says “Grateful, thankful, and blessed.” We love anything with an abundance mindset.


Okay… 100% not a farmhouse decor item. But they had peach flavored Cheerios for just $1 a box. We couldn’t pass that up. This item is definitely not guaranteed to be in your store. They get random overstock of name brands. But while you’re there, you might as well look.


Mini cereal review: It was okay. It turned the milk orange. (Weird, right?). We also want to subtly flex our home-grown tomatoes in the background.

And Now For The Items We Could Only Find On…

Just because our store did not have these items doesn’t mean yours will be out of stock, too. You just might get lucky and find some of the following farmhouse decor pieces.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 4.22.24 PM

Excuse me? How cute are these mason jar signs?!

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 4.29.47 PM

These little pumpkins signs are covered in a burlap fabric with a little raffia bow wrapped around the stem. Very cute for harvest themed decor.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 4.40.15 PM

These scarecrow signs must have sold out immediately at our store. They are so cute, it’s really not a surprise that they were all gone.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 4.43.43 PM

This little hanging pumpkin sign says “Thankful and Blessed” has a little metal leaf wrapped with raffia around the stem. Again, this sold out pretty quickly at our store. Kind of regretting not buying this earlier!

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 4.46.30 PM

Woah, hold the phone! Buffalo check scarves?! This may have been in our store, but we did not even think to look for it.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 4.48.13 PM

These mini plaques are super cute. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but these used to be in our store before they sold out.


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