Autumn Harverst Farmhouse Decor Items For Just $1 to $10 at Dollar General

Hold on to your hats, ladies, because oh my goodness. The autumn Farmhouse Decor at Dollar General is so adorable, it’s really hard to resist the temptation to buy it all. If you have a Dollar General in your local area, definitely check it out. (It’s the one with the yellow sign!)


Keep in mind that your location may have different items than the ones shown, depending on where you live. We also had to ask a store employee if they had more items in another location of the store, and they did. These items were split up into three different areas. So keep an eye out, and don’t be afraid to ask!


One of the first things everyone does when September comes around is grab their cups of pumpkin spice coffee. So why not get these cute mugs? They were just $2.50 each!


These monogram pumpkins had every letter of the alphabet. So you could find your family’s last name, and put it along with a little vignette somewhere in your home.


These metal pumpkin signs would look great in your garden just outside of your front door. Best of all, they are just $5.


One of our favorite items in the store were these sets of kitchen towels embroidered with a red pickup truck. For only $4, that really is a steal. And that tablecloth has cute mason jars as part of its pattern, along with pumpkins and fruit preserves.


These signs are great for just outside your front door.IMG_0235

Normally, decorative throw pillows can cost between $30 to $40 somewhere like Target. But these pillows are just $10 each. Say what?! They are all perfect for a Farmhouse style, too, especially the one in the center that says “Farm Fresh Pumpkins”.


Dollar General has adorable oven mitts and pot holders, as well as table runners and place mats. You can spot in the lower left-hand corner how that one table runner has a gorgeous embroidered red pickup truck. So country!


Super cute flower arrangements, and scarecrow dolls that can sit on a ledge. As we’re editing this image, we see there was a little stow-away that ended up in this image. Did you spot it?


Yet another item with monogram were these tags. Super cute, but they only had one box at our location. The letters were from some of the most common last names. So if you want one of these, we suggest you hurry to see if they still have the letter you need.


Okay, this is not strictly Farmhouse decor, per say. But it still deserves a spot on this list, because Dollar General’s selection of autumn scented candles and wax melts was truly impressive. And who doesn’t love a new candle in the fall?


If you love crafting, Dollar General has rolls of these decorative ribbon in burlap for just $2. They also have glittery ones, and some with patterns. There were far too many styles to show in this one picture. Also, take note of those mirrored pumpkins and gourds in the background. Perfect for more of a glam look.


These wreaths say “Blessed” and “Gather” So pretty. This looks like something you might see at a craft show or on Pinterest.


For anyone who is just looking for natural fall foliage, they have you covered. Here are more wreaths, and a floral cross. They also had loose pieces available if you want to make a DIY fall flower arrangement.


Anyone who has grown up in the country will immediately feel cozy seeing that center “pick your own apples” sign. And sorry, no Buffalo Check print this time. But the plaid is still very pretty, and should fit in with most Farmhouse style kitchens.


These little fox and owl plushes sit up on their own, and apparently, they make noise, too! (See the little “press me” circle?) We didn’t see that until later, so the noise they make is a mystery…


For just $5 to $8, you can get a new doormat that fits your Farmhouse style. This is actually very cheap compared to pretty much everywhere else, even Home Goods. Plus the style of this one that says “Bless This Home” is truly gorgeous.


These signs are some of the best items in the whole collection. Great quality to last ever year, and super affordable.


These wooden plaques were so adorable, it was really hard not to leave the store with every single one of them in a shopping cart.




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