20 Ways To Save Money by Caring For Your Pet’s Health at Home

Pets are apart of the family, and we want them to be as happy and healthy as they can possibly be. You should always take your dogs and cats to a professional to get vaccinated, and for regular wellness checkups. But some people go above and beyond to take their pets to the vet every time something goes wrong. You can save a lot of money and time by giving your pets some natural remedies in the comfort of your own home.


20. Give Them a Bath

One of the first things you can do to make your pets feel happy and comfortable is to give them a bath! This can wash away and dirt and bugs that they may have picked up when they were playing outside. Dogs may love getting a bath, but cats are another story.


19. Comb Their Hair

You should comb your pet’s hair every day, because it helps to keep their manes clean. Cats regularly clean themselves every day, but this causes them to consume a lot of hair. If you comb them regularly, this will dramatically reduce the amount of times they need to cough up a fur ball or vomit.


18. Feed Them a Healthy Diet

Just like humans, animals need a healthy diet, too. You should never give your pets processed food, especially when they are getting older. This can potentially cause inflammation in their stomach. Try to switch to all-natural meats and vegetables for your dog. Cats love to eat fresh meat too. So the next time you cook chicken or fish for dinner, give some to your furry friends. (Just make sure there are no spices or sauces on your pet’s portion.)



17. Use an Oatmeal Rub To Help With Itchy Skin

Is your pet experiencing itchy skin? Just like humans, they can sometimes get allergic reaction to pollens or other irritants. One great way to help sooth them is to create an oatmeal rub. Oatmeal helps to exfoliate dead skin, and will help reduce itching. Grind down some oats, mix with water, and rub it all over your pup before rinsing. This is best to do in the bath tub, or outside if the weather is warm.

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16. Go for Electrolytes

Just like humans, dogs need electrolytes to feel fully hydrated. In the summertime, you may experience your dog getting overheated and dehydrated after playing outside for too long. Or, they may be dehydrated after vomiting and having diarrhea. Some people recommend giving them a bit of your Gatorade along with their typical water, because it has electrolytes. The only issue is that Gatorade is full of sugar, which is not great for your pet’s health. There are brands out there that sell dog-friendly electrolyte drinks. Check out your local pet supply store to see what they have available.


15. Clean Their Ears

Are your dogs and cats scratching their ears more than usual? Wax can build up around your dog and cat’s ears, which causes irritation. You should regularly clean your pet’s ears with a cotton swab and vegetable oil. Believe it or not, this also clears ear mites.


14. Need to Vomit? Try Hydrogen Peroxide

Sometimes, your dog or cat may eat something poisonous (like chocolate) and you need to get them to vomit right away. According to Animal Channel, you can help your dog vomit by giving them one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide for every five pounds of their weight. This will force them to vomit up whatever they ate. However, always double-check by calling your vet before doing this. You don’t want to make the issue worse.


13. Regularly Clean Their Food Bowls

You should try to clean your pet’s food bowl every single day, if you can. Think about it- Would you want to eat from the same plate over and over again? Leaving out the bowl for too long can cause bacteria to build up. Ants may also get into the food. Sometimes, bacteria from the bowl can cause irritation, or even bald spots on your pet’s face. Yikes.


12. Feed Your Dog Pumpkin

Is your dog having issues with constipation? Feeding them a can of pumpkin puree can help soften their stool, and help aid in digestion. Just make sure the can does not contain any pumpkin seeds, because this could be poisonous.


11. Give them a Outdoor Jacket

Even though dogs and cats have a fur coat, they can still get very cold in the winter. Some dogs, like Siberian Huskies absolutely love the cold. But other breeds will shiver when they are walking in freezing temperatures. If you want to prevent your furry friend from catching a cold, you may want to get them an outdoor jacket so that they can keep up their core body temperature.


10. Protect Irritated Eyes With Saline Solution

Sometimes, dogs and cats may have some sort of irritation in their eyes. You can help soothe them with little drops of saline solution. However, if your pet’s eyes are still bothering them after a few day, you should take them to the vet to make sure there is not a more serious issue.


9. Fix Hotspots by Practicing Good Hygiene

“Hotspots” are irritated sores on the skin. If you notice your dogs and cats constantly licking the same spot over and over again, this may be a sign that they have a hotspot. By licking the wound, they are only making it worse. Clean it with a cotton swab and hydrogen peroxide. Also use cortisone cream twice a day, and it should clear up.


8. Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws

Walking on hot pavement can seriously injure the skin of your dog’s paws, so you should always check before you bring them on the street. You should be regularly checking up on the pads of your dog’s feet regularly in the summertime. If you notice any damage, use antibiotic ointment to soothe their pads, and keep them off of hot surfaces until they heal.


7. Use Diatomaceous Earth To Kill Fleas

If your dog or cat has recently had fleas, you may be struggling to find a spray or powder to buy to kill the bugs in your carpet. Diatomaceous Earth is an all-natural substance that is basically sand. All you need to do is sprinkle it on your carpet, and vacuum it up. This will kill the ants and their eggs.


6. Prevent Arthritis By Giving Your Pets a Massage 

After running and jumping all day, your pets are going to have sore joints and muscles, especially as they are getting older. Just like humans, if you neglect getting massages, stretching, or treating your body, it eventually leads to arthritis. You can help your pet by giving them a doggy massage. (Cats don’t always agree with this.) Check out some tutorial videos on YouTube to learn the technique.


5. Brush Their Teeth

Most veterinarians will recommend that you brush your dog’s teeth with a dental kit to help keep them healthy. At the very least, you should be giving them snacks like Greenies that will maintain the health of their teeth.


4. Fennel Seeds for Gas

Does your dog have incredibly stinky farts? This is not exactly something you would take your dog to the vet over, but it can be really gross to deal with on a daily basis. You can actually help control the stink by sprinkling fennel seeds into their food. You can thanks us later.


3. Use Tomato Juice When They Have Been Skunked

If you have an indoor-outdoor cat, or if your dog is free to roam the backyard, you may eventually run into the unfortunate situation where your pet gets sprayed by a skunk. The only way to remove the smell is to give them a bath in tomato juice.


2. Use Oil to Moisturize Their Skin

In the colder months, your dogs and cats may begin to suffer from dry skin. You can treat their fur with all natural oils like peanut, sunflower, or corn oil. When your pets lick their fur, ingesting this oil will not hurt them, but it will help soothe the dryness.


1. Fight Fur Balls with Fat

Believe it or not, if you let your cat eat more fat, this will help their stomach break down fur balls. They can get some fat in their system by eating butter, oil, or other cat-friendly fatty foods. Just be careful not to give them too much, because they can easily become overweight and have health problems caused by feline obesity.


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