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Spotted: Target Dollar Spot Farmhouse Decor Items Just $1 to $3 Each

In the front of every Target store, there is a section known as “Spot’s Playground”, formerly known as “The Dollar Spot”. Recently, they have added “farmer’s market” items, which tie in perfectly with Farmhouse decor. The best part is that they are all only $1 to $3 each. Say what?!

That’s right! Everything I show here costs just $1 to $3. Just keep in mind that I traveled to two different Target locations to find all of these items. Your own Target might have different items in stock. Also keep in mind that these items were available in August of 2019, so get them before they’re gone!


This cute chalk board checklist is perfect to hang in your kitchen to remind yourself of what you need to get at the store. There were also adorable little plaques, and two tea towels in a variety of patterns.


These weekly meal planner notebooks are perfect for anyone who is either on a special diet. They are also great to list the ingredients they need to make their family’s meals for the week. If you practice planning your meals, you can save money over time, because far less food items will go to waste.


These individual tea towels come in a variety of patterns, and they are just $1 each.


This clear glass vase has etched honeycombs and bees around it. Super cute. I can imagine it holding a big bouquet of sunflowers.


Have a backyard garden? This little sign is perfect for anyone who grows their own vegetables.


Tall white candles were included in the mix, which is wonderful if you are throwing a romantic dinner party.


One of my favorite spots in this collection was the flowers and foliage sticks that they had on sale. They were really high-quality, and would look perfect in a flower arrangement.


Last but not least, this little wreath is my absolute favorite piece in the whole collection. It is like a miniature version of the wreaths being sold in the other part of the store with Joanna Gaines’ Hearth & Hand collection. (That wreath is on clearance, by the way! Check out those items here.)


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