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Spotted: Clearance Items For Joanna Gaines’ Hearth & Hand Collection at Target (August 2019)

If you’re a fan of Fixer Upper’s Farmhouse style, then you probably already love the items from Joanna Gaines’ Hearth & Hand collection at Target. The only trouble is that these decor pieces can be pricy for some people. Lucky for you, the collection goes on clearance every season. Here are the summer 2019 items that have gone on clearance, and were market down to a lower price.

Keep in mind that the item availability will vary at each Target location. The price of each item might also change whenever you go to your local store. Clearance items typically get marked down a couple times before they are completely out of stock.


Summer wreaths and faux plants. Hearth & Hand does an amazing job with plants, and I can totally imagine seeing the wreath up top hanging on my front door.


The candles in this collection are always really great. They choose scents that are natural and gender-neutral. My location had a lot of the ones called “mineral”, and they come in beautiful ceramic candle holders that could be re-used later after the candle has burned down.


This table cloth is coated, so it is good for both indoor and outdoor parties. Since it’s red white and blue, it’s obviously great for Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, or Veterans Day. And at $10, that’s totally reasonable for such a high-quality item.


This play market cart was one of my absolutely favorite pieces on clearance. If I had kids, I would be buying this and saving it in my Christmas closet. This cart is set up to be a pretend ice cream stand, but with the little chalk board on the front, it could easily be transformed into a lemonade stand, too.


This ice cream play set is supposed to go together with the cart. However, in my Target location, there were at least 3 ice cream sets, and only one cart. If you are on a budget, I would say to just go for the ice cream set, and save it for Christmas. I can totally imagine this going perfectly with American Girl Doll accessories, too!


I loved the black and white embroidered linens in this summer’s collection. The vast majority of those pieces are not on sale yet, except for these duvet covers.


These name plate holders were on clearance. At first, I was a little bit confused as to why these were even apart of the collection, because they would really only be useful for a wedding, or a really fancy outdoor party table settings. If you want to get upscale with your next party, there are plenty left!


Okay, not gonna lie. I love these picnic blankets. And the fact that is rolls up with a strap makes it even cuter.


These napkin rings are pretty cute, so long as it matches your decor.


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