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New Farmhouse Decor for Joanna Gaines’ Hearth & Hand for Target (August 2019)

On August 18, 2019, new items were released for Hearth & Hand at Target. The brand was designed by Joanna Gaines, who is famous for her Farmhouse decor in HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”. The new items are perfect for that country vibe, and it uses a lot of wood, metal, blacks, and grays.

Unfortunately, my store did not have everything that I wanted on the website. So I will have to order certain items online. I also went to two different Target locations, so the selection of items varied from store to store.


The front of the display looked a bit bare, as it was only the first day of the collection. But once I stepped inside of the big house-like barriers, I was not disappointed by the selection that my Target had laid out.


Once I stepped inside of the display, I was seriously impressed with all of the beautiful items that were available on the first day of the launch.


One of my favorite kitchen items were the wooden mis-en-place bowls. The only downside was that they were $35! I might have to wait until they go on sale.


Their kitchen ware collection looks like hand made pottery, and it’s beautiful. The mug that says “Actually, I can” really resonated with my inner girl boss.


As I looked through this collection, I thought about how many new luxury apartments and condos I have looked into lately have a black and white color scheme. So the colors of this collection are actually very smart. People can bring a farmhouse decor vibe into their living space, whether they have a huge house or a modest apartment.


These bottles for the Hearth & Home line of soaps and cleaning product are so pretty, it’s practically part of the decor, too. I can totally imagine seeing these sitting on one of those big farmhouse sinks.


This collection mixes natural elements with items that look like they could be hand made.


These were some of my favorite items in the collection. That wreath is so perfect for late summer and early fall, when we are beginning to harvest crops in farming communities. The powder room and welcome signs also have a vintage look, and they could fit in both industrial and farmhouse style homes.


The black, white, and gray bedding items are still there from the last collection, and they have not gone on clearance. They still fit in really well with fall decor.

Looking for the rest of the collection?

Check out Target’s website for the full Hearth & Hand items.


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