10 Best YouTube Channels About Expat Life in France

If you’re anything like me, you crave new episodes of the original Escape to the Chateau series, as well as the DIY spinoff. (Maybe, like my parents, you’ve even watched from on repeat!) Don’t fret, because there are people out there who are making YouTube videos all about expat life in France who make amazing content, as well.

The front of Chateau De La Basmaignee. Credit: Michael Petherick

10. Doing it Ourselves

Michael Petherick lives in his brother Billy and sister-and-law Gwendoline’s castle, the Chateau De La Basmaignee. Before moving to France, Michael was an artist living in England. He moved into the chateau to help his family restore the giant castle and transform it into a wedding business. After becoming friends with Stephanie Jarvis from The Chateau Diaries, Michael decided to make a channel of his own. He does stunning camera work around the castle grounds, and always manages to make each episode very cinematic. Since starting the channel, his popularity has grown, and he can now afford to restore the gardener’s cottage on the castle grounds.

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