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10 Red Flags to Watch Out For When Buying a Home

Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases we will make in our lives. So, of course, we want to get it right the first time, right? Even if the house seems like it’s a great deal, you may accidentally buy the wrong property for your forever-home. Here are 10 big red flags to watch out for before you commit to buying a house.


10. Closed Businesses & Empty Storefronts

After the financial crisis of 2008, it was all too common to see stores shutting down across the United States. However, after 11 years of the recession, many towns are beginning to bounce back with new life. If you see a lot of closed shops in town, this may be a sign that the local economy is still suffering. Even if you plan to commute to work and do your shopping elsewhere, these towns may have a higher crime rate, poverty, and generally poor infrastructure.

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