12 Ways To Make Your Home More Fancy


12. Shop for antique and vintage pieces

Antique items have a certain rich charm and beauty about them that is usually not seen in a  high end store where the furniture has straight lines and minimal detail. When you shop at a middle of the grade department store for your furniture, you will find items that are usable but not quite so pretty.  They will be functional and they will serve the purpose you desire but may not add to the beauty of your surroundings or give your rooms the special touch of class you are searching for in your home. So, spend a Saturday browsing a thrift village where am antique ‘diamond in the rough’ might be found.

Vintage finds are also a great addition to your home because with those pieces you receive a touch of whimsy and often a colorful and memorable appeal- a conversation piece as well.. Head to the city to a specialty shop or order online from a discount shop..  Flower Power, the Smiley Face, and the Peace Sign are all being used to create Vintage memorabilia that was popular in the sixties and seventies eras. Balance color and taste and choose antique or vintage, either or not both, to give your space an eclectic and put- together-well vibe. Store all your special pieces away and change according to your desire, go vintage, add antiques.

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