12 Ways To Make Your Home More Fancy


12. Shop for antique and vintage pieces

Antique items have a certain rich charm and beauty about them that is usually not seen in a  high end store where the furniture has straight lines and minimal detail. When you shop at a middle of the grade department store for your furniture, you will find items that are usable but not quite so pretty.  They will be functional and they will serve the purpose you desire but may not add to the beauty of your surroundings or give your rooms the special touch of class you are searching for in your home. So, spend a Saturday browsing a thrift village where am antique ‘diamond in the rough’ might be found.

Vintage finds are also a great addition to your home because with those pieces you receive a touch of whimsy and often a colorful and memorable appeal- a conversation piece as well.. Head to the city to a specialty shop or order online from a discount shop..  Flower Power, the Smiley Face, and the Peace Sign are all being used to create Vintage memorabilia that was popular in the sixties and seventies eras. Balance color and taste and choose antique or vintage, either or not both, to give your space an eclectic and put- together-well vibe.

Store all your special pieces away and change according to your desire, go vintage, add antiques.


11. Placement of Electronics

In days gone by, electronic equipment was not introduced into a main parlor. Televisions were often placed in a family room or a den. Radios were in kitchens or the home office. Stereos stayed in the bedroom unless encased in a beautiful wooden cabinet as was a Television. .

Currently, we are ever ready to be very tech savvy to remain state of the art with electronics and they are  not only for our more youthful generations but, for other age groups as well. We face with certainty that the computer is a definite necessity so, where do we place it?  The best location is in a home-office on a desk. Otherwise, we must get over our desire to be room specific or we must create rules for these things to exist in our home.  

If you have children and video games are a definite staple for entertainment, then consider searching for an ideal table with at least two tiers. Attractive coffee tables were made in the sixties which can be used as an entertainment center. Raising the tv off of a table and onto the wall has seemed to be a solution for space savers and, it may be a way to avoid excess furniture for these large electronic items.  We can no longer hide a flat screen inside an armoire.. The bottom line is…stop trying. If you can not hide the large flat screen or the game system behind a silk panel or behind a mirror on the wall or see it drop inside a sofa table with the push of a button like James Bond, than just live with it. Electronics are here to stay.


10. The Mini Bar and Wine Collections

A mini bar can add a lot of ‘savoir faire’ to almost any room in your home.  I would not make it my first choice if you have children, but if you have the space and need something swanky than by all means go ahead and design a bar. Search antique stores for a wine cabinet. or, create a mini bar inside the armoire which housed your old tv.  You can create a mini bar on a bookshelf or a sofa table. You might even add your favorite liquors to a fire-place mantle. Bar carts are beautiful and making your own is not too difficult. Spray paint a plant stand in gold or white, fill the stand with your best bottles of wine, and enjoy the conversation it evokes with friends and family.

9. Hang curtains

While some will opt for a white or Roman shade for just enough dress for a window, curtains can add color, sophistication, and movement from the breezes outside.  Sheers are the most inexpensive choice for a nice curtain and they come in all colors and patterns too. Winter drapes can be handmade for a less expensive choice rather than having them customer made and, you will feel the satisfaction of knowing that you have your own personal touch in the room.  Many thrift shops sell fabric for a very inexpensive price.


8. Buy a new sofa

I’ve been informed that no one should keep a sofa more than seven years, so, if you are one to believe in that but your budget is still crunching the numbers than consider scouring the thrift stores for a used sofa and teach yourself how to reupholster. Making slip-covers is also an option.  Another way to clean up your environment is to visit Craigslist on the web. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace have been known to supply a plethora of almost perfect goods. It is full of nice sofas. And, what is great about FBM is that you will immediately find that comfy or even an elegant couch in your own neighborhood.


7. ‘Go for the Gold’

The color gold in home decor has always been a ‘show stopper’.  It is the look that makes you say oooh or aaah. Gold accents are shiny and bright and it makes everything look new. A well preserved vintage or antique gold mirror can bring a once drab room into a showcase and make your room a show stopper. You need not stop at mirrors.  Gold utensils, gold tea or coffee pots, gold ashtrays, are all small items that are much less expensive than a large mirror yet they add the same attention getter appeal to your rooms. Putting luxurious accents in your living space tells others who enter in that you want to impress.


6. Books Draw the Eye

Most people have seen a designer use a stack of books to add depth and intrigue into their clients environment. Older hardcover books can provide a sense of mystery to your setting akin to Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew. Books can also be hollowed out and used as miniature store spaces for special things like your remote control or your keys. The key to getting respect in your home is through incorporating a library wall of books. Lots of books speak volumes about your personality and interests.  It shows your guests that you are not rushing through life, that you are an educator who is savoring the important things in life, the beauty of the written word, art and photography.


5. Aromatics

Did you ever walk into a room or a space and maybe unexpectedly, you notice a pleasant, even beautiful aroma?  Aromatics for the home go way back to Egyptian times to 400-500 BC. Finding eucalyptus in a home has a medicinal effect on those who entertain. But when we smell a sweet almost perfume aroma we are pleased to be there and we are invited to linger and ponder about the scent. Plants are given credit for these lovely smells and so we attach to nature through essential oils and scented candles. There are many kinds of inexpensive products on the market which can add wonderful aromas to your rooms. Perfume in the air gives a lift to the spirits and takes one to the heavens so that you feel luxury without spending a lot of money.


4. Luxurious Wallpaper

Often times a hardware store will sell wallpaper at a very low price to make room for new styles and prints.  Certain wall paper has texture applied to it such as velveteen embossed effects with very fancy patterns to gaze at so your eyes are constantly drawn to it. High end wall paper can be very expensive so opt for a sweet print to add ‘good taste’’ and sophistication to your home. Wallpapering just one wall might be a way to highlight a room and can be reminiscent of the Victorian era.  If wallpapering is not for you, this low cost product on sale at the hardware store would make a lovely shelf liner for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


3. Bring in the Light

Light can bring about a beautiful balance of color and can transcend time and space into a very special place. Use natural light for this effect as often as possible.  Artificial light is the source we most often use and think about for evening hours and dreary days. Consider matching light fixtures with a theme or a period of style that evokes cohesion with the rest of your furniture. Use three way bulbs and put fixtures on a dimmer to add ambiance to your dining room.  Light plays an important role for the sake of luxury and as we all know, candlelight is one of the most romantic sources available.


2. Cleaning, Fixing, Making Repairs

For those of you on a budget, just fixing those unsightly cracks in the wall and adding a new coat of paint can bring your home into a new light.  Especially, for guests who have never been there. Living in the same place for a while makes one comfortable with all its’ imperfections but if you want a luxurious space, you must ‘hop to it’ and begin the clean up.  Simple stains and defects in the color over time can be managed easily but, sometimes a stain or a crack can be an indication of a more serious problem that lurks behind the walls.

You may need to hire and expert to see where the problem originates. Investigating little issues can save you time and money in the long run. And remember, a little spackle and paint can go a long way to give you the new and luxurious look you left behind.


1.  Focus on Entryways

The entryway can tell a story about you and how you feel about your home to certain others.  The entryway can often tell others what is going on in your life. Often making a first impression is important.  If that is the truth for you, than give your entryway a make-over. Discard unwanted or unused items that have been lurking there for a long time.  Set up a delightful group of eye catching decor such as flowers, statues, and art that symbolizes what is important to you. When it comes to the everyday needs of a bustling family, consider consulting closet experts who can make the best use of space so you may avoid clutter in the entryway. The place where you need a refreshing beginning, a calm end to you day, and the mark of luxury about your home. 


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