Honest Review of Walmart Grocery Pickup

I have been curious about the Walmart Grocery Pickup service for a long time. It seemed like a great way to save my time and sanity with my busy schedule. For some reason, I never pulled the trigger…Until now.

Spoiler alert: My life is totally changed, and I will never go back to buying groceries the normal way again. Here are all the reasons why it’s so amazing.

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Never Forget an Ingredient Again

First of all, it is worth mentioning that remembered everything I put in my cart two months ago. This is great, because it means that if you remember things you need throughout the week, you can add it to your cart without fear of it getting erased. My reaction was like, “Oh! Yeah! I do need that,” instead of “Darn it, I forgot to buy that.” This was wonderfully refreshing.

This Makes it Easier to Cook With New Ingredients

Since Walmart remembered my old grocery list, it reminded me that I had added all of the ingredients to Gaby’s empinada recipe from the Bon Appetit YouTube channel. Since this was my first time making it,  I have no idea where the various spices and the empinada dough are on Walmart’s shelves.

Normally, when I try to cook something new, I have to spend ages looking for each individual item, or ask an associate for help. Even then, it would be a 50/50 shot whether they knew where this item is, and I sometimes leave empty-handed.  Now, I can add items that are new to me onto my grocery list, and an expert grocery-picker will know where to find them.

Best of all, even when I still forgot something, Walmart allows you to add items to your order for up to an hour after you put in your request. So I quickly slipped in the lunch meat and cheese for sandwiches.

I Got Items That are Normally Out of Stock

I ordered my groceries to be picked up on a Friday evening. Normally, it is 100% guaranteed that all of the  freshly made pizza dough from the bakery will be gone. In the past, I have asked the employees if they could make more, and they simply say “no”, because they are far too busy making cakes for weekend parties. But since I ordered online several hours ahead of time, I was able to request 3 bags of pizza dough, and it was ready for me by the time I arrived.

This also applies to anything else that may have run out on the store shelves, but it is available somewhere in the back room. You are saving a tremendous amount of time from asking an employee to go out of their way to help you.

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It Was Easier to Stay On Budget

When I was 16, I was a grocery store cashier. I cannot tell you how many times people would see the total cost of their groceries, and ask to put things back. They blush, feeling stupid for not adding things up ahead of time. Or, they try to debate, asking if that’s really the total. Other times, people try to play it cool, only for their credit card to be declined.

As you add things to your grocery list, you can see the total price changing.


I Saved At Least an Hour of My Time

Walmart is 15 minutes away from me with traffic, so I am spending at least 30 minutes driving back and forth. Add on the fact that I decided to pick up my groceries on a Friday evening, which is one of Walmart’s busiest times. I would have been maneuvering my way through crowds of people and standing in line for at least an hour or more.

With this online ordering system, I was able to casually grab a couple things at Target, and I got the notification on my phone that the groceries were ready to be picked up. It asks if it can have your location, so that the employees know how far away you are.

When I arrived, there were already 3 to 4 cars in front of me waiting to pick up groceries, too. Since I chose one of the busiest times of the week, it took at least 15 minutes for the employees to bring my grocery order. Even so, I would much rather sit in my car checking e-mail for 15 minutes instead of facing the inside of Walmart. Next time, I go in the morning on a week day, it should happen in only 5 minutes.

This Will Probably Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle

I work from home, so I am incredibly lucky to make my own schedule and cook if I want to. Whenever I need groceries, I get this gnawing feeling in the back of my mind saying, “You really should go grocery shopping.” That continues to distract me until I finally jump out of my desk and go out to shopping.

Normally, what happens is that I leave the house, and everything is so incredibly time-consuming. It is hard for me to get back into the groove of getting work done. Even if I wake up early, I end up spending the majority of the day buying food, washing, chopping, putting things away, and cooking.

Since I know this is so time-consuming, it becomes easier for me to justify eating out, because I tell myself that “I don’t have time”. Now, I have no excuse. I was able to get work done until 6PM. I was very productive that way, because I felt calm knowing that I had an appointment to pick up my groceries between 6 and 7.

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If I Could Do Anything Different Next Time…

I chose the busiest time of the day, on the busiest day of the week to pick up my groceries, because all of the other slots had been taken. You really should order your groceries at least 24 hours ahead of time, if you want to pick any time If I do it again, I will choose the earliest time slot on a week day, because it means that I am likely to get my groceries quickly. I can swing by the farmer’s market for cheap produce, then head over to Walmart immediately after. 

It’s FREE.

This is the best part about the entire experience. I tried to offer the employee a tip, and he refused. The service truly was free. Just keep in mind that they require you to buy a minimum of $30 in groceries before you use the service.

If you found my review helpful, please use my referral link. This gives me $10 towards my next grocery order, and Lord knows I need it! Once you complete your first order, you get a link of your own to pass on to family and friends.




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