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20 Ways To Bring French Country Design To Your Home

One of the most beautiful design styles out there is French Country. Maybe you have seen a few episodes of Escape to the Chateau, and you are dying to turn your home into a European paradise. Or, maybe you have simply admired the style in countless numbers of books and magazines. Here are 20 elements of French Country style.

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Distressed kitchen cabinets. Credit: Hunker.com

20. Distressed Cabinets

The use of distressed furniture in French Country Decor brings alive the rich appeal of old world charm.  Lush woods are valuable, and the richness of new wood is hard to let go. However, France is full of beautiful antiques.  Their furniture lasts forever because it was made from the best that the days of the Louis XIV. This is why you see so many items with chipped paint and small imperfections, because it is used generation after generation.

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A fabulous copper pot collection. Credit: TheGlamPad.com

19. Copper Cookware

The coinage used during the reign of Louis XIV was made from red copper, and the precious metal has been popular in France ever since. It is actually an excellent conductor of heat and perfect for preparing delicate sauces in the kitchen.  Displaying copper throughout the home- whether it be for an attractive centerpiece in the dining room or simply to let pots hang on display in the kitchen.

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18. Gold and Silver Accents

Whenever we see precious metals throughout a home we think of luxury and wealth. Even in some of the less affluent French homes, many people have inherited pieces of silver from their family. Adding these beautiful accents to an old world French home brings brightness and an assurance of the best things in life to the decor.

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Silk chairs. Credit: prestigeproperty.co.uk

17. Silk Furnishings

Silk is from the Orient, and France’s trade with the far east helped them to obtain luxurious fabrics and spices. People used silk to cover dining room chairs, creating new bedspreads, drapes and even wallpaper. Murals can also be painted on large silk canvases and attached to the wall like paper. 

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Credit: ClassicAndModernHome on Etsy

16. Damask Fabrics

For years, the damask patterns was only used by the rich people in France to decorate or entertain in their home. Today, with the abundance of fabric, people still use this pattern to make their space feel more elegant.

Credit: Pixabay

15. Blue Doors

The color blue has been associated with the French monarchy. When paired together with a gold fleur de lis, it is considered a symbol of the kings. This is why many people decide to paint their doors blue. It gives an element of regality to the front of their home, even if it is just a modest cottage in the country.

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Credit: PotteryBarn.com

14. Toile Print

Toile in the decor of a french home is adorable with its depiction of the love and laughter of a french countryside.  It tells a story of a cheerful scene between family and friends. Children and small farm animals are often depicted in toile fabric and it can be found in all colors to blend in any color scheme.

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Credit: Pixabay

13. Rococo Elements

The curvy style of rococo design when introduced into the decor of a French home adds a touch of elegance.  Rococo decor is the new Baroque and came into style during the period of Louis XV. At first seen as a shell motif in plaster, the elegant symmetrical curves were seen in wood carvings for furniture and artwork to decorate French surroundings.

Credit: Pixabay

12. Dried Lavender

Lavender fields are abundant in Provence and the region is famous for it.  The lavender grown there is usually harvested near Bastille Day, on the 15h of July.  As we know, lavender not only has a beautiful fragrant aroma but placing it in your home calms those who inhabit it.  For that reason, lavender is thought to have medicinal qualities and who would not need it after a bustling trip to Paris!

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Chaise Lounge. Credit: SittinPrettyByMyleen on Etsy

11. Chaise Lounges

To indulge upon a chaise lounge is also a luxury experiences by the visitors to Versaille. Including a chaise lounge into the decor of a French country home is to invite oneself to relax by a window with a very good book.

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Credit: Wayfair

10. Daybeds

Daybeds can be placed in any room in a home because it is seating as well as sleeping space. This is perfect for the busy French people.  You can dress it up or dress it down.  Toss a few pillows on a daybed and read or rest, enjoy life’s working class best.

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Many French country homes have beautiful fireplaces. Credit: prestigeproperty.co.uk

9. Ornate Fireplace

Carvings in a fireplace is a high-end french element of appeal that fits in and stands out in any French country home.  You still see this very often in the country, because it warms the rooms during the winter time. And, of course, since they are French, they need a touch of something fancy.

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Credit: prestigeproperty.co.uk

8. Crown Molding

Crown molding connects the ceiling to the walls.  It is a symbol of bringing the beauty of the sky to the interior parts of the room and down to the earth.  Crown moldings are like clouds billowing above and will inspire lazy days of gazing after a picnic in the french countryside. 

Credit: Pixabay

7. Chandeliers

French chandeliers admit an opulence of design while bouncing around light and color into a room. It can be the main focal point for French decor. Whether it is rustic or ornate,  a large chandelier draws people into the room.

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Credit: PaintingsForYouStore on Etsy

6. French Artwork

When you think of French artwork, you are probably thinking of The Impressionists. The most notable artwork of the Impressionists in France were Renoir and Monet. They are famous for the love of family and friends. They usually also show scenes in nature, like Monet’s “Water Lilies.” These paintings usually draws the mind out of doors to embrace the beauty and simplicity of nature.

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Credit: KathyKuo.com

5. Distressed Walls

Nowadays, you have probably seen a lot of magazines trying to replicate the distressed walls that are famous in France. Adding texture to the walls of a French designed home is for the purpose of creating an old world charm.  Old and inexpensive products form a new touch to create an era of days gone by in European homes of the countryside.

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Credit: prestigeproperty.co.uk

4. Wood Beams

Wood beams inside a french home add strength, texture, and a richness of earthly elements to the interior design of a home.  Opening up the ceiling adds height to a room and may encourage an idea of being closer to the heavens. Rustic or polished, ceiling beams add to old world charm that everyone can appreciate. 

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Credit: inRegister

3. Pottery and Porcelain

Pottery is a beautiful addition to designing a home, but especially in France.  Specific brands such as Quimper are an indication that you’ve entered a true French home. Pottery has a way of telling those who enter the home about who the people who live there are. A more upscale home in France would have Limoges porcelain plates, rather than Quimper. There are various Limoges factories throughout France, and each individual location has their own patterns and markings.

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Credit: prestigeproperty.co.uk

2. Large Ornate Mirrors

Almost every French country home has at least one large mirror. These usually come in gold or silver frames. They truly do make a huge statement, and look almost like a piece of art. They are readily available in France, but much harder to come by in the United States. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars if you want anything similar.

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Credit: prestigeproperty.co.uk

1. Outdoor Living Space

Part of living in the French countryside is enjoying and appreciating the beautiful weather in the spring and summer months. Most French country homes have outdoor seating areas, patios, or a large gravel driveway.


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