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20 Ways To Bring French Country Design To Your Home

One of the most beautiful design styles out there is French Country. Maybe you have seen a few episodes of Escape to the Chateau, and you are dying to turn your home into a European paradise. Or, maybe you have simply admired the style in countless numbers of books and magazines. Here are 20 elements of French Country style.

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 8.01.08 PM
Distressed kitchen cabinets. Credit: Hunker.com

20. Distressed Cabinets

The use of distressed furniture in French Country Decor brings alive the rich appeal of old world charm.  Lush woods are valuable, and the richness of new wood is hard to let go. However, France is full of beautiful antiques.  Their furniture lasts forever because it was made from the best that the days of the Louis XIV. This is why you see so many items with chipped paint and small imperfections, because it is used generation after generation.

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