10 Ways to Save Money During Your Martha’s Vineyard Vacation

Way back in the 1800’s, the island of Martha’s Vineyard began as a very modest Methodist summer camp. Over the years, more and more people from all backgrounds began to travel to the island, and it eventually transformed into a luxury destination. The island is just 8 miles from Nantucket, and many people consider it to be the more “affordable” and laid-back place of the two. Even so, going to Martha’s Vineyard is anything but cheap!

The cost of living is 60% higher than the rest of the country, so it’s far too easy to spend a fortune on your trip. Lucky for you, it’s still possible to save money, and have an amazing experience with memories to last a lifetime.

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10. Go Off-Season (And Avoid Holidays Like the Plague)

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the island is full of people who are on their summer vacation. Prices on hotels, restaurants, gas, and attractions are all inflated to cost more than normal. If you want to have a cheaper vacation with fewer crowds, try to go in spring or early autumn. Don’t worry, there is still plenty to do. The Martha’s Vineyard Wine Festival happens every May, and the Food and Wine Festival is in October.

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