10 Tips For Vacationing on LBI, NJ on a Budget

Long Beach Island, New Jersey is a beach vacation destination for people on the east coast of the USA. It is especially popular among people driving down from New York City looking for a cheaper alternative to The Hamptons. When I say “cheaper”- I mean it’s still really expensive. So you probably need all the help to save money you possibly can!

Houses on the beach in LBI can cost over $1,000 a night. Credit: Shutterstock

10. Book Your Accommodations Off the Island

When you book a large house on Long Beach Island, it costs roughly $650 to $1,000 a night, and many of the hotel rooms are $300 or more. If you bring a big group of friends to stay in a house, you may be able to get away with spending $100 to $200 a night if you split the cost. However, if you are trying to go for a family vacation, you need to pay for it all on your own.

Yes, there are budget motels, but even they are expensive, too! The only way to save a lot more money on your accommodation is to stay on the mainland, and drive into LBI. Check out the AirBnB listings of the nearby towns of Manahawkin, Tuckerton, and Eagleswood. Homes in those towns typically only cost $100 to $200 per night, which is far more affordable for anyone looking to stay an entire week. 

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