These 20 Cooking Channels on YouTube Will Make You SO Hungry

Are you looking to step up your chef game and learn how to cook some new recipes? YouTube makes it a million times easier to learn how to be a good cook, compared to recipe books and TV shows alone. Perhaps the best part about a cooking video on YouTube is that you can play the video on your laptop while you’re cooking, so that you can pause and rewind to hear the instructions one more time.  Looking for more great content? Here are 20 of the best YouTube cooking channels out there.

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Angela Kinsey and Josh Snyder. Credit: Baking with Josh and Ange on YouTube.

20. Baking With Josh and Ange

You may know Angela Kinsey from her role on everyone’s favorite workplace comedy show, The Office. Her husband, Josh Snyder, is an actor, but he just so happens to be a baker, as well. The two of them film videos for their channel called Baking with Josh and Ange together. They make complicated baking recipes seem easy and fun. If you follow their videos, you are sure to impress your friends, or make a serious impression at the next bake sale! They have also recently extended their channel to include savory dishes, as well.

What makes this channel even better is that Angela and Josh know how to infuse a lot of light-hearted, family-friendly comedy into their videos. They also occasionally have on celebrity guests, like Colleen Ballinger who plays Miranda Sings in Haters Back Off, and Rainn Wilson, who played the character of Dwight Schrute in The Office.

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Lauren Toyota holding her new cookbook. Credit: HotForFood on YouTube.

19. Hot For Food

Ever think about going vegan, but you just don’t want to give up all of the delicious meals that bring joy to your life? Watching Hot For Food will help you realize that you truly can make delicious meals on a plant based lifestyle. Lauren Toyota is a Canadian chef who hosts new recipe videos every week, as well as the occasional live stream.

Just a few examples of the things she makes on her channel are hazelnut truffles, ramen spring rolls, salted caramel apple crumble, and so much more. These are the kind of recipes that are so delicious and satisfying, your friends and family won’t even realize that it’s all vegan! Lauren Toyota is also the author of a cookbook called Vegan Comfort Food.

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Martha Steward proudly showing her chick cookie. Credit: Everyday Food on YouTube

18. Everyday Food

The Everyday Food Show originally aired on PBS, and it was also a popular culinary magazine. they created a YouTube channel in order to release their cooking videos online. There is a new video uploaded every couple days, and several different chefs rotate being behind the camera. They are all equally talented, and it helps to get a really great variety of recipes. Even Martha Stewart makes a appearance every once in a while with her baking segment called “Frosted”.

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The Bon Apetit crew. Credit:

17. Bon Appetit

The Bon Appetit YouTube channel is an extension of the famous magazine by Conde Nast that has been around since the 1950’s. They are such a prestigious company, that they only hire the most qualified chefs in New York City. It only makes sense, then, that their video content on YouTube is pure gold. Each of the main chefs who appear on the channel have a different speciality, and they truly make it a lot of fun.

For example, Claire Saffitz is a baking expert, and she has a series of videos where she tries to recreate gourmet versions of the most popular junk foods. Brad Leone loves fermentation, and he shows his passion in his segment called “It’s Alive!” They also frequently have celebrity guest appearances.

Testing out the best value dutch oven. Credit: America’s Test Kitchen on YouTube.

16. America’s Test Kitchen

Ever wonder why some of the kitchen items at stores like William Sonoma or Sur La Table are so ridiculously expensive? Or maybe you can’t figure out why you can almost never find brands like Le Creuset for under $100 per piece? Well, America’s Test Kitchen will most likely have all of the answers you are looking for in every single category of cookware. The Chefs in America’s Test Kitchen go through different cooking products and review the prices and durability of gear and gadgets, so you don’t have to. This is the perfect channel to watch when you are debating whether it’s worth splurging or not.

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Yolanda is making a beautiful Christmas cake. Credit: HowtoCakeIt on YouTube.

15. How to Cake It 

Yolanda Gampp is a genius when it comes to cake-making. There is almost nothing she cannot do! Simply watching her create incredible sugary works of art on her How to Cake It channel is incredibly fascinating to witness. You also may recognize her from her appearance as a guest judge on the Netflix TV series “Nailed It!”, because her cakes a perfect example of those cakes that are so intricate, they are nearly-impossible to replicate. Yolanda has also published her own cookbook, which is also called How to Cake It.

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The SORTED crew. Credit: The Wallstreet Journal

14. Sorted

Sorted is a YouTube channel starring a group of British friends who get together to cook, drink, and play pranks on one another. The dynamic between these four young men is very funny, and enjoyable to watch. Many of their recipe videos are easy enough for beginners to learn how to cook, and they usually take their time to carefully explain each step of the process. They also go through in-depth cookbook and gear reviews. They post new videos twice a week.

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Jun’s Kitchen. Source: YouTube

13. Jun’s Kitchen

Married couple Rachel and Jun live in Japan together, and they have been vlogging their lives on YouTube since 2012. While many people are interested in them because of their unique lifestyle and international marriage, The Jun’s Kitchen channel is dedicated to cooking together with their cats, who patiently stare and are completely entertained by their master’s skills in the kitchen. Sounds great already, right? Jun shows us how to cook authentic Japanese food, only he usually speaks English through all of the videos. They also provide subtitles for Japanese and English, if there is ever any crossover.

Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube channel. Credit:

12. Gordon Ramsay

Did you think celebrity chef, restauranteur and TV personality Gordon Ramsay was just on the Food Network? No way! Of course he has his own YouTube channel, too. At the time this article was written, it has over 9 million subscribers. The videos are a mixture of original content filmed for the channel, as well as clips of the best scenes taken from his many TV series.

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Cheap Lazy Vegan’s rediculously delicious Vietnamese Mukbang video. Credit:

11. Cheap Lazy Vegan

Cooking vegan food can sometimes be really complicated and time-consuming. Lucky for you, though, Rose from Cheap Lazy Vegan is here to tell you that is really is possible to make vegan food with minimal effort. She films mukbangs  as well as detailed recipe videos of what she eats in a week. There are also a lot of deep-dive videos where she discusses vegan lifestyle, and she answers many of the most frequently asked questions. This may be beneficial for anyone who is considering going on a plant based diet.

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Laura Vitale. Credit:

10. Laura Vitale’s Kitchen

You may have seen Laura Vitale on the Cooking Channel before, where she had her own TV show making delicious Italian recipes. Now she has her own YouTube channel called Laura Vitale’s Kitchen. The food she makes is perfect if you are trying to make something new and easy that your picky-eating kids will actually want to eat. For example, she has a tatter tot casserole, slow-cooked shredded beef, and gingerbread bunt cake. Yum!

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Alex, The French Cooking Guy. Credit: Virgin Media Television

9. French Cooking Guy

Alexis Gabriel Aïnouz is also known by his YouTube channel’s name, The French Cooking Guy. He has a great sense of humor, and his editing style is next-level. The vlogs are mixture of cooking, building handyman projects in his kitchen, and eating great food as he travels around the world. He makes complicated French gourmet recipes seem easy. If you end up falling in love with his content, Alex also has his own cookbook called Just a French Guy Cooking.

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The Food Network YouTube Channel. Credit:

8. The Food Network

If you live in the US, and you have a cable TV package, you probably already have the Food Network. Plenty of foodies love turning on the channel to let content play in the background at home. But what about a certain clip you are looking for, but you forgot to record it on the DVR? Or maybe you’re hoping to find a new show to watch with your favorite celebrity chef. That’s why the Food Network’s YouTube Channel is so great. They also have original content starring some of your favorite celebrity chefs like Rachel Ray and Guy Fieri, as well as hosts who work exclusively on YouTube.

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Cherry Blossom Cheesecake from The Cooking Tree. Credit:

7. The Cooking Tree

There is a chance that you have never heard of The Cooking Tree, because it is a South Korean channel. They include the recipes in English, as well as Korean, so you should be able to follow along very easily. The videos are soothing, because there is music in the background instead of talking, and then complete silence mixed with the sound effects of the cooking, which makes it basically ASMR. They make some out-of-this-world desserts, like a no-bake cherry blossom cheesecake. Excuse me?! That’s so delicious, you can’t help but clutch your pearls.

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You can get professional-level content from Jamie Oliver for free on YouTube. Credit:

6. Jamie Oliver

British celebrity chef and restauranteur Jamie Oliver has been around the block more than once in the UK, but he has been streaming his content to the rest of the world through his YouTube channel. The great thing about Jamie Oliver is that the videos he makes are very high quality that is on-par with what you would see on TV. Also check out his newest book, 5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food.

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Feast of Fiction’s episode about Calcifer’s breakfast. Credit:

5. Feast of Fiction

Have you ever seen food in a cartoon or movie, and you’re thinking, “Wow, I wish that was real?” Well, Feast of Fiction makes it their mission to make those dishes come to life. For example, they recently did a video on Calcifer’s breakfast from Howl’s Moving Castle, and they have also made Garfield’s lasagna.

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Rosanna Pansino. Credit:

4. Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino‘s cooking channel has bubbly, adorable, and family-friendly content where she teaches you how to bake amazing-looking cakes and desserts. She currently has over 11 million subscribers, making her one of the most popular people on YouTube. If you love her channel, check out Rosanna Pansino’s newest cookbook where she shows you how to make show-stopping desserts for any season called Baking All Year Round.

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Binging with Babish. Credit:

3. Binging With Babish

The Binging with Babish YouTube channel stars the one and only Andrew Rea. He creates videos of simple, easy-to-follow recipes for some of the best foods out there, along with recreations of amazing dishes that you’ve seen in your favorite shows and movies…And it’s all shot in 4K. (Say what?!) If you love his YouTube channel, you should seriously check out his cookbook- Binging with Babish: 100 Recipes Recreated From Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows.

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The MUNCHIES YouTube is an extension of Vice- that news and documentary series that has taken both Internet and the TV by storm. There are brand new hosts in nearly every episode, and they cover both foodies enjoying a good meal, as well as chefs trying to prepare a dish. The main point of MUNCHIES is to appreciate good eats in every shape and form.

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1. Tasty

The Tasty YouTube channel has the goal of making snacks that will satisfy just about any craving you can imagine. As an extension of the Buzzfeed Network, you will occasionally see some of their stars in the videos. If you enjoy their channel, check out their cookbook: Tasty Dessert: All The Sweet You Can Eat. 

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