10 Downsides of Living in a Tiny Home

The Tiny House movement has been so hyped up in recent years, that TV shows and movies make it out to be the solution to everyone’s housing problems. While it truly may be a great way for young people to live cheaply who are in an in-between stage in life, that doesn’t mean it is a good option for everyone. These are the downsides of tiny house living that so few people are willing to admit, but you truly need to know.

Credit: Pexels

10. You Cannot Invite a Lot of People Over

Forget about ever hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your place, because your family won’t be able to fit inside of a Tiny House. And it’s not just because everyone would be crammed in like a can of sardines. The metal trailer that the house sits on may crack and buckle under too much weight. Some people may see this as a positive thing, because it gives them a valid excuse to not host a family reunion. But for someone who loves entertaining, this is unacceptable.

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