10 Tips To Take Your Work-From-Home Business To The Next Level

Credit: Pixabay

9. Dress for Success

When you work from home, you can wear anything you want. And for the first few days after handing in your letter of resignation, you may be tempted to wear pajamas 24/7, because you can. However, just like the division between physical spaces, our mind and body associate certain clothes with our mood, as well. It is crucial for you to get showered, dressed, and get ready as if you are going to work. (Because you are! Even if “work” is just a few steps from the bathroom.)

We’re not saying that you should wear an uncomfortable suit or dress just to sit at your desk alone all day. That’s just silly. Wear clothing that is comfortable, but still presentable. Remember that even though you work from home, you still have to interact with the world when you go on errands, out for lunch, or Skype calls.

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