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10 Habits That All Tidy Homeowners Have In Common

Don’t let your dirty dishes pile up. Credit: CongerDesign on Pixabay

8. Fill Your Dishwasher Throughout The Day

If you have a big family, your sink and kitchen counters most likely fill up with bowls, cups, and plates from breakfast, and then again after you have dinner. Plenty of people end up with a mountain of dirty dishes to do, and it can sometimes feel daunting.

A way to avoid this issue is to run the dishwasher at night, and empty it first thing in the morning. Ask your family to begin rinsing their dirty dishes in the sink, and then placing them in the dishwasher when they are done eating or drinking. This way, the dirty dishes are accumulating in the machine, rather than piling up in the sink. At night, all you need to do is put in soap, hit “start”, relax.

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