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10 Habits That All Tidy Homeowners Have In Common

Taking care of a house can be hard, especially if you have a full-time job and kids. There are some people out there who seem to be super-human, and keep their homes nearly spotless. How do they do it? Here are 10 habits that all tidy homeowners have in common.

cleaning-supply-flatlay-white (2)
It’s wise to have an array of cleaning supplies. Credit: Burst by Shopify

10. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies In Each Respective Room

Some people choose to keep all of their cleaning products in one place, like a kitchen pantry. However, efficient people know that it makes a lot more sense to keep the cleaning products of each respective room within arm’s reach. For example, toilet cleaner should go in the bathroom, and you might want to keep a small stick vacuum in a bedroom or hallway closet. If having multiples of certain products sounds like it would be expensive, remember that places like Dollar Tree sells almost anything you need for just $1.

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